What does Rosa Khutor mean? Sochi Mountain Resort information

Rosa Khutor. The origin of the name.

It turned out that the resort Rosa Khutor wasn’t named after beautiful flowers or, as you could think, the female name Rosa. The place is named after a local resident, Estonian Adul Roos. But how did Estonians appear in the Caucasus?

Why Rosa? The Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort got its name not in honor of a flower or a beautiful Caucasian woman. In the second half of the 19th century many Estonians came to Russia in search of a better life. 73 Estonian families resettled in the Caucasus after long wandering. One of the first settlers was Adul Roos. He did not live in the village. He started working as a forester and settled on a farm which was eight kilometers from the village Esto-Sadok. He called his home “Roos’ Farm”, i.e. the farm (khutor) Rosa. It was slightly renamed by locals,”Rosa Khutor” instead of “Roos’ Farm”. The famous Olympic ski resort was built there.

By the way, not only Rosa Khutor but other Olympic complexes were named after historical events and traditions of the Black Sea coast. The main stadium, in which the 2014 Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies were held , had been named “Fisht” in honor of the highest mountain of the western Caucasus Mountains (2867m) of the same name.

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