What Is an INN Number Russia. TIN Tax code, Russia

When assigning a personal INN (individual taxpayer number, Russian analog for TIN), recipient gets a certificate of tax registration.

INN example for businesses: 5036032527; for individuals: 400150602187

The document is required in the following cases:

– in employment;
– when changing surname or place of residence;
– when calculating and paying taxes;
– to perform various financial transactions, etc.

Where to get INN for a foreign citizen in Russia? Individuals also have the right to file an application for registration with the tax authority at the place of residence or temporary residence and receive INN there.

In this case, individuals without citizenship simultaneously with such a tax application provides either a residence permit (with a registration permit) or a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation with a registration certificate. In such cases you can hand over the documents (by visiting the local tax inspectorate), by mail (by registered letter), or electronically through Public Services Portal website.

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