Volcano eruption in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia pictures and video

Volcanic eruptions in Kamchatka Russian Federation

New volcanic eruption the volcano Tolbachik in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia began on November 27. Last time eruption happened here in 1975-1976.

Tolbachik volcano eruption video

Huge eruption Kamchatka lava

Lava flows sweeps everything away in its path. From above, you can see as it moves down the slope, covering the trees and they erupt like matches across the path of the lava flow. Snow melts at high temperature and turns into steam, which rises and mixes with the smoke from the burning wood. Sun is not visible due to steam, smoke and fumes from the lava flow.

volcano eruption Russia

Russia's Tolbachik volcano eruption lava
Martian landscape

volcanic complex Tolbachik Kamchatka Russia

Update: 360 degree aerial panorama –   https://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VideoTour.php?3D=video_360_heli_tolbachik_volcano&set_language=2

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