UFO and Aliens in Russia. Russian Roswell UFO Crash and Men in Black

Is a UFO in Russia a mystification or the truth? Where did a UFO land in Russia? Where are located famous UFO crash sites and anomaly zones? It will take a little while to find documentary information about flights of UFOs above the Russian Federation.

UFO sighting in Kievan Rus

One of the first domestic references to UFOs dates back to the time of Kievan Rus. According to Russian chronicles, in March 1111, unknown heavenly forces helped our ancestors in the battle with the Polovtsians: “The Polovtsian heads flew, invisibly cut down, to the ground”.

1908 Tunguska event and UFO

1908 Tunguska meteorite and UFO

The Tunguska event of 1908, is considered to have been the explosion of the meteorite and the alien unmanned aerial vehicle. The alien ship “was on the guard of our civilization” and, thus, saved the Earth from possible destruction.

The Tunguska meteorite is a cosmic body, presumably, which caused an explosion over the Siberian taiga in the region of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in June 1908. The explosion was so powerful that it knocked down trees within a radius of about 40 kilometers. Fragments of the cosmic body were not found.

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) sightings in Soviet Union and Russian Federation

Observations have been conducted in Russia, but there are just few specific reports about UFOs. In some countries UFOs are studied in civil and military aviation. Only a few countries dared to create a UFO department. In 1991 a UFO was registered above a radar station in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Military men witnessed a disk (100-200 meters in diameter) with two pulsating lights on its sides. At one moment it was hovering, at another it was flying twice or three times as fast as a modern fighter. It was distinguished by remarkable maneuverability The flight speed of the UFO depended on gleaming of the side lights. Its movement wasn’t accompanied by any sounds.

Also a UFO was observed above a Borisoglebsky radio center a few years earlier. In that region military men observed the largest range of UFOs. Or were secret missile launches, flights of high-speed warplanes and meteorological probes mistaken for the UFOs?

Men in Black

Men in Black Russia

Ufological expedition. Men in Black look like tourists.

The USSR had its own Men in Black: specially authorized specialists who investigated incidents involving aliens and UFOs. Does it sound like the beginning of an inferior science fiction book, right? But no. We are talking about a completely official ufological commission, created in the Brezhnev era on the basis of the Russian Geographical Society in Leningrad. It included biologists, physicists, geographers and other scientists – all entirely intelligent people with higher education.

Nine out of ten cases where a person allegedly observed or even came into contact with a UFO invariably found a simple and logical explanation. People took the plane flying in the night, Venus planet, the brilliance of satellites and meteors for a UFO. But there was always one case when people really encountered something strange and incomprehensible.

In 1989-1993, in the Frunzensky district of Leningrad, in the village of Farforovsky post, people met huge two, and sometimes three-meter – black figures without faces.

All, as one, eyewitnesses said that the figures were moving: either they walked, but as if their legs were not bent at the knees, or they were floating through the air. They did not show any hostility towards people. As a rule, they were just nearby.

For five years we have received, probably, eight or ten messages about meetings with them. Moreover, from people who not only were not connected with each other in any way, but did not know each other at all, – says the ufologist. And once one of the eyewitnesses saw these creatures get off a flying saucer that landed on a vacant lot near the village.

UFO incident in the Russian city of Voronezh in 1989

UFO incident Voronezh 1989
The sensational event, as the ufologists say, was observed by a whole group of local residents.

September 30 marks exactly 32 years of an unusual incident happened in the city of Voronezh. According to reports of a large number of people, an unidentified flying object (UFO) landed in the city on this date in 1989. It happened in the so-called Kozlin Park (now – Yuzhny Park) in the area of Mendeleev, Nebolsin, Novosibirskaya streets. After this event, a group of concerned people came to the editorial office of the Kommuna newspaper. They claimed to have witnessed an alien visit. Voronezh did not leave the pages of not only domestic, but also world media after the incident.

In 1989, journalists went to Kozliny Park together with a group of Voronezh residents and tried to reconstruct the chronology of events. The teenagers present claimed that on September 30, they saw a brightly luminous ball descending from the sky to the ground. During landing, the unidentified flying object (clearly of extraterrestrial origin) touched a poplar, which caused the tree to tilt.

Then, as the teenagers said, two creatures got off the ball. One was about three meters tall. He allegedly had three eyes and silver color skin. The second creature was small and moved like a robot. After a while, one of the aliens, according to the stories of teenagers, said something and looked at the boy present in the park. Also, an object resembling a pistol was pointed at the child. The boy allegedly disappeared, and then reappeared. Children who saw this fled from the park.

Having heard all these stories, the journalists began to question the residents of the neighboring houses. They confirmed that they saw an incomprehensible ball in the sky from the window. And after the release of a short note about the UFO visit to Goat Park, letters from some other witnesses of the incident began to come to the newspaper. Kommuna paper eventually released a second piece called “Football with Aliens”. The text described in more detail the incident seen by the teenagers.

The article “Football with Aliens” was noticed by the leading Soviet, and then by the Western media. From all over the planet, journalists and ufologists rushed to the city. The UFO visit to Voronezh has become the number one topic on the pages of many publications. For example, The New York Times wrote the following: “This is not a joke, not a hoax, not crazy or an attempt to spur local tourism. TASS insists on an alien visit to the south of Russia”.

Julia Sholokhova, by her confession, some time later heard a persistent voice in her head in an incomprehensible language. When she tried to drown him out with her own speech, her voice also gained momentum. She begged and begged to be left behind, and the voice tormenting her disappeared. Julia admitted that she did not regret it at all: the alien could have chosen a less traumatic way of dialogue since she had taken the initiative.

Dalnogorsk: Soviet Roswell. Height 611 UFO Crash Site

Dalnogorsk Soviet Roswell
Interest in ufology around the world arose after the alleged fall of two UFOs in Roswell in the United States in 1947. This case became widely known, while UFO crashes on the territory of the USSR remained covered with a veil of secrecy. However, they also took place. The most famous of them is described in one of her books by the doctor of technical sciences, test pilot Marina Popovich. In her opinion, there was wreckage at least five UFOs that crashed over the territory of the USSR at the disposal of the Soviet military. The most famous of them took place in the town of Dalnogorsk, Primorsky Territory in 1986. Several dozen people were surprised to observe a spherical object moving parallel to the Earth on January 29, 1986. After a few minutes, the UFO sharply changed its course and literally collapsed at an angle of about 70 degrees to the Calcareous Mountain, located within the city limits. Considering the rather high speed of 15 m / s, the device exploded and caught fire. Intense flames were visible for an hour.

Dalnogorsk UFO crash site

Crash site monument

When, a few days later, an expedition of the Far Eastern Branch of the Research Committee on Anomalous Air Phenomena at the Academy of Sciences, headed by the Doctor of Sciences Valery Dvuzhilnyy, arrived in the city to study the incident, scientists discovered many fragments of an unknown artificial body. These were: fragments of an aircraft, lead and iron balls, pieces of unusual steel alloys and glass. Most surprisingly, the alloy from which the metal balls were created could only be cut with a diamond saw. According to scientists, it was not possible to get this alloy on Earth. Studies of the crash site showed that the crash site was exposed to an extremely high temperature of 4,000 to 25,000 degrees Celsius. The most amazing thing is that 33 UFOs of a cylindrical, cigar-shaped and spherical shape were observed at once over Dalnogorsk on November 28, 1987. 33 UFOs were observed by more than 100 people, among whom there were many policemen and military, who then drew up official reports. Many ufologists considered that it was a rescue action. It continued in January 1989, when a large UFO landed 200 meters from the UFO crash in the winter of 1986. Apparently the aliens were also conducting their own investigation into the crash.

Perm (Molebka) anomalous zone

Molebka anomalous zone

This area is called “Molebka”, which can be translated as “a place to pray.” The outskirts of the village of Molebka in the Perm Territory (Kishertsky District) have long been chosen by ufologists, researchers of all kinds and tourists who want something unusual. There are alot of unusual things here: flying UFOs hanging over the meadow, luminous balls, strange sounds … By analogy with the Bermuda Triangle, this territory is also called the Molebsky or Perm Triangle, and is also mysteriously called the M-zone. According to legend, a prayer stone of the Mansi people was once located here, near which sacrifices were made. Now only the name of the village reminds of this. But, perhaps, shamans at one time were attracted by the same energetic force that ufologists talk about today.

Alien Alyosha Monument Molebka Russia

Alyosha Alien Monument

The anomalous zone is located opposite the village, near the Sylva river. Those who have been here tell that they saw UFOs of different types: flat “plates” (similar to a hat), luminous balls of different colors, elongated “cigars” … And from time to time there are whole UFO “gatherings”: several objects appear in the sky, line up in the shapes, then disappear when they notice people. Some eyewitnesses even say that they managed to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations – however, there is no evidence of this. But UFOs are often filmed here.

Geologist Emil Bachurin was the first to notice this place. In the winter of 1983, he was hunting nearby and suddenly saw a luminous hemisphere. At the place where it touched the snow, a huge thawed patch with a diameter of about 62 meters was formed. The geologist told about this unusual phenomenon and researchers of all kinds became frequent visitors to Molebka. Local residents willingly told them about their observations: incomprehensible luminous objects, flashes in the sky, and so on. And besides, they complained of health problems: near the abnormal zone, they felt worse, headaches appeared, blood pressure increased or decreased.

Perm Molebka anomalous zone
1990 year. Marat Kabirov: “A battle of flying saucers was allegedly going on here. Whitish fog is a type of energy.

Vedlozero is the lake where the UFO drowned

UFO lake crash Karelia Russia
One of the places in Russia where UFOs are most often observed is Karelia. Local ethnographer Aleksey Popov, who has been collecting UFO flyby cases for several decades, has repeatedly told reporters about where, according to his information, UFO alien ship crashed. This story happened on November 15, 1928 over the village of Shchuknavolok, located on the banks of the Vedlozero. One late evening, the villagers heard a strange growing rumble and poured out into the street. They saw a strange cylindrical object that appeared from behind the forest and headed towards the lake. Its flight was surprisingly slow and silent. However, at the moment when the metal cylinder crossed the lake, it suddenly began to fall, broke through the ice and sank. The most interesting thing is that the upper part of the massive metal cylinder remained sticking out above the water. Subsequently, for several years, the surrounding boys were fishing from him, and a strange creature appeared in the vicinity of the village. It was a humanoid, about a meter tall, thin and big-headed. His torso and arms were disproportionately long, while his legs, on the contrary, were too short. The creature’s clothing resembled a tight-fitting jumpsuit. Frightened boys, seeing him, threw stones at him and the creature soon disappeared. When the NKVD learned about this case, people in uniform arrived, lifted a metal cylinder out of the water, and then took it away in an unknown direction.

Sverdlovsk triangle in Ural

Sverdlovsk Ural triangle anomaly
This anomalous zone is located within the boundaries of Yekaterinburg. The main landmarks: the road to the Novo-Sverdlovsk thermal power station, the Shartash stone quarry and a small old quarry east of Lake Shartash. There are forests, swamps and small rocks inside the triangle. But everything that happens in this triangle cannot be called anything other than mysticism!

In general, the entire Ural is an anomalous region, says the coordinator of the Russian UFO station in the Urals, Alexei Martin. We have a lot of minerals being mined, development is underway, a lot of resources. All this attracts the attention of cosmic beings who draw energy for their activities in such zones. We also have many military and industrial facilities, in this case, we can say that they are interested in man-made human activities.

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