Traveling With Dogs – How to Keep Them Healthy and Happy?

Dogs are excellent travel companions, who can make you effectively learn the art of life. When they become your travel mates, the world will have a new perspective for you. Merely observe him explore the world, communicate with strangers, act confidently, and protect you against danger.

Your vision towards boring traveling tours will change once you take your travel-friendly dog with you. Those dull landscapes will attract you more than the marketplaces after this tour.

As a pet-owner, we are always concerned about the health and happiness of our pooch. For that matter, you have to consider few things other than packing the essentials. Here are some essential dog care tips for traveling tours:

1. Find Dog-Friendly Flights, Hotels, and Restaurants:

Collect information about dog-friendly places and flights that do not bind your dog’s freedom. Find out how your dog enjoys new places and greets new people. The curious toddler-minded dog will enjoy open spaces more than crowded ones. He will make fewer complaints about everything that’s happening around. So, to keep him happy, plan out everything and do your research. Taking the pooch overseas and leaving him in the hotel for days won’t work miracles for you.

2. Visit the Veterinary:

Have a complete health check-up of the pooch so that you understand his limitations (health concerns.) A sick, sad dog wouldn’t do any good to you. Get the necessary shots to avoid health issues during the trip. Keep the health and vaccination records with you for emergency checkups in foreign lands and for moving him across borders.

3. Prepare First Aid Kit:

In a first aid kit, you should keep Benadryl, bandages, tweezers, booties, cold or heat packs, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, cotton balls, gauze, and wipes. This is a necessary emergency kit for adventure loving dog owners who love to explore landscapes away from the main city. If your dog is on medication, add them to the box too.

4. Dog Safety:

Whether your dog is wearing a harness or collar, attach a water-proof identity tag that has your name, email, and contact number. Flea collars provide great protection during travel tours. Here’s a seresto flea collar review for you to decide!

If your pooch is microchipped, update the information before leaving for the travel venture. Also, keep a picture of your dog with you. Pet carriers are a great way to keep the puppy from running away. However, most people find it exhausting, so the best alternate is a strong harness.

5. Calm the Anxiety:

If you have got an anxiety-prone dog, he will feel agitated at the new place. Bring along the dog’s bed or blanket, favorite chew toy, or anything that smells familiar. Familiar smells will tone down the dog’s anxiety.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, his chew toys are essential to make him feel comfortable and happy at the new place.

6. Let Him Explore:

Let your dog explore the surroundings and communicate with other dogs. Daily exercise is necessary for the dog. Locking him up in the hotel and exploring the cities alone wouldn’t help.

Take him with you to peaceful places daily, and enjoy the time alone. However, he should be well-trained for ‘recall command.’ Crowded places shouldn’t distract him from your presence, and commands. Give him treats or a hug or a pat whenever he obeys you.

These travel-tips will surely make your trip all the more amazing and trouble-free. Dogs enjoy exploring new places, and you’ll have fun in the foreign land away from the crowded marketplaces.

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