Traveler’s Guide to Find Best Places For Ice Fishing In The US

Ice fishing is one of the most amazing sports which combines skill with challenges and patience. If you have grown up in a cold climate then you must have spotted various people drilling through the ice. Ice fishing can be an adventurous activity. Many people think it is a boring sport as it the is all about sitting ideal over a hole waiting for catching a fish and the whole activity can be boring. This is a completely wrong perception about Ice Fishing. It requires patience with challenge and if its experience significantly enhanced by having the best fish finder for ice fishing. The people who are going for ice fishing must know about the best places for Ice Fishing in the US and obey regulations, take precautions, be safe and choose the best fish finder GPS combo under 1000 to get a unique experience.

Top places to explore Ice Fishing in the US

1) Lake of the woods, Minnesota

Located at the US-Canada border, the lake of the words is second largest fresh water lake which is accessible by both the countries. This place is a popular fishing destination and has a good set of resorts nearby for families, couples, and groups to stay and experience Ice Fishing.

2) Devils’ Lake, North Dakota

Another popular Ice Fishing destination in the US, Devil’s Lake has always been cherished for its quality of fishes and considered to be an adventurous destination for fishers. However, over the years it has experienced a slump and now again coming up as a popular destination due to the sheer high size of fish that can be caught. Fishermen have been often surprised with the impressive size of catches in this lake.

3) Lake Michigan

this lake borders different states like Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. It is a popular destination due to the presence of different popular amenities like harbors, bays, marinas and different shores. Fishermen can find plenty of places to stay and find best facilities to make their stay comfortable. Lake Michigan is a worthy place to catch different fishes like salmon, trout, and others.

4) Colorado – the Rocky Mountains

Beautiful scenery and freezing spots, Colorado is yet another popular ice fishing location in the US which also provides adventurous sports. Chambers Lake is a popular spot for ice fishing in Colorado and most anglers prefer this spot as it offers extremely diverse population and large rainbow trout.

5) Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

Variety of fishes can be found in Lake Winnebago and one can expect to reel walleye, perch and other unique fishes in icy waters. One of the most exciting catch is mighty sturgeon and draws the attention of thousands of anglers from the US. If you are a fisherman in the US then fishing at this place is a once in a lifetime experience. From prehistoric looking fishes to big sized catfishes, it is a treat for anglers.

6) Higgins Lake, MI

this lake is deep, slow and worth to wait. It ranges across 200 miles north of Detroit and located at the center of Michigan. Higgins Lake is best known for its smelt and trout. Fishermen can find the large-mouth bass, crappie, perch, bluegill, northern pike, walleye etc. One can also experience different ice sports at this location. You can also buy fish finder to locate fishes in the area.

7) Cold Lake

Located in Alberta-Saskatchewan border northeast of Edmonton, it is one of the perfect places to pursuit a monster fish through the ice. Cold lake is a home to various fish types like whitefish, perch, walleye and big pike. This lake is isolated compared to other destinations but results are worthy. It draws hundreds of anglers every year who are looking for a calm place to catch a fish.


Ice fishing is a popular sport in the US and growing in popularity in recent years. With many hearty winter fishers investing in Electronic Fish finders, portable fishing shelters and types of bait, Ice Fishing is an amazing adventurous sport in the US. The main season for fishing is from December to February when ice is sure and conditions are perfect. Before heading out, check for the best places for Ice fishing in the US and get the unique experience of ice fishing spots in the US.

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