Russian Food Culture: Traditional Food, Most Popular and Delicious Dishes

Russian vodka may have become very popular among Americans but they are certainly not into Russian foods like the Chinese or the Mexican cuisine. These people, when they visit Russia, are pleasantly surprised by the variety of recipes and flavors in Russian cuisine. In fact, most people, when they are back home after visiting Russia, yearn for traditional Russian foods because of their delicious taste and flavors.

Traditional Russian food is devoid of green vegetables and fruits mainly because of the fact that the country experiences logn and very severe winters. Ingredients most commly found in traditional Russian food are bread, soups, butter, eggs, meat, and potatoes. You will also find cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, milk, curds, apples, garlic, onions, and cucumbers in this food.

Russian bread

Bread is the integral part of traditional Russian food. Black bread, also called Rye bread is always there on a Russian table. It is the staple food item in Russia and people love it. It is also considered a symbol of health and wisdom.


Russians cannot live without soups. There are many different varieties of hot soups loved by Russians. The most popular soup in Russia is called Borsh. It is prepared using meat and beet and served with sour cream. Another soup in traditional Russian food is Shchi which is made using cabbage. It also contains mushrooms, meat, flour, and many types of spices. People eat it with rye bread.

Meat in traditional Russian food

As mentioned above, meat is a Russian favorite. Beef Stroganov is one foot item from Russia that has become very popular all over the world. Beef pieces, after sauteing, are served along with sour cream. People eat it with either white rice or pasta. There are dozens of variations of this traditional beef recipe available in different parts of Russia.


Recipes made using fish are also very popular among Russians. Many conservative Russians eat fish on days when they are fasting as beef is considered inappropriate. One very popular Russian snack made of fish is Zakushi. It is often served before the main course in a meal. Fish is preserved through salting and smoking and it is pickled to be converted in Zakushi.

Russian pies

Russian pies are popular across the world because of their softness and wonderful taste. One of the most popular pies here is called Pirozkhi. They are actually stuffed buns containing either meat or eggs with rice and onion.

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