Top Russian Ballet Companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Renowned Ballet Companies in Russia

A Ballet is a form of dancing which was given birth during the Italian Renaissance and once it gained some attention, was later introduced in France and Russia. Once, ballet got introduced in Russia, it became popular and was promoted by many rulers which actually gave form to Russian Ballet. Such hype towards ballet leads to the birth of different ballet academies and companies. Today, the Russian ballet is considered to be the finest and has taken the creativity and technicalities of ballet as an art form to a whole new level.

The Ballet Scene in Russia officially got public when the first ballet company was introduced in Russia as the “Imperial School of Ballet” in the 1740s. This was the first company to have emerged as the ultimate ballet academy where people would join and learn the arts and crafts of the very technical dance form i.e. Ballet. After this, during the 20th Century, it was the time when Ballet in Russia became so popular that it started to represent a class and was considered and recognized to be a very prestigious form of learning.

In 1909, Sergey Diaghilev founded another ballet company, “Ballets Russes”. With the introduction of this company, Sergey played a vital role in almost each and every aspect of ballet and that is exactly why the Russian Ballet owes a lot to Sergey.

Imperial School of Ballet which was initiated in the 18th Century is now famously known as the Mariinsky Ballet and is famous all around the globe for its ballet. Another world famous ballet company residing in Russia is Bolshoi Ballet which was given birth by the Bolshoi theater company established in 1776, Moscow.

Along with Mariinsky Ballet Company, Bolshoi Ballet Company is known as the most notable and respected ballet companies in not just Russia but all around the Globe!

The Ballets Russes, is another name that continues to influence and leave a mark on the Russian ballet scene till this day. Ballets Russes is famously known for the fine ballet dancers that it has provided throughout and there are some huge and respectable names associated to the Ballets Russes such as Vasily Kandinsky, Alexandre Benois, Pablo Picasso, etc. At the initial stages of the company, whenever the company produced a ballet, there used to be hype and excitement because of its finest collection of artists, costume designers and composers. As a matter of fact, the company still has its influence till this day.

Mikhailovsky Theatre is yet another ballet company which is one of the oldest and finest in the Ballet scene. It was founded in the 19th Century in St. Petersburg. Initially, this was not a ballet company in itself but just an Opera and Ballet house which was usually used by other groups and companies to have their ballet performances carried. After a struggle of many years, the Mikhailovsky Theatre became stable after getting closed and reopened with quite a few changes in the name of the Ballet house. As for now, it is recognized as a Ballet company and some of its famous and notable productions from the past are The Nose, War and Peace, Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, etc.

Moreover, a relatively more recent ballet company to have emerged as one of the finest in Russia is, “Russian State Ballet of Siberia”. It was initiated by the graduates of various choreographic schools such as Moscow, etc. With the establishment of this company it became evident that the future and inspiration of Ballet in Russia is to no end.

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