Top 6 Scenic View Trails Great For Photographers

If photographing nature is your goal, a New York State trip will give you plenty of subjects to enjoy! Your travels can include Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes Region, and the Adirondack Mountains.

1) Rudl Loop Trail

The Skaneateles Conservation Area of upstate New York offers impressive views. If you can get on the Rudl Loop Trail in the spring, you can enjoy a reasonably quick hike and a waterfall. As the temperatures heat up, the water level will drop in the region. This is a child and pet-friendly trail, so bring the whole clan!

2) Seneca Trail

Seneca Trail New York state

photo by Bethaleh

Outdoor photographers and birders will love their time in the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Depending on the time of year, hikers on the Seneca trail will enjoy eagles and sandhill cranes. If you plan to go camping in new york and photograph the wildlife, book a site and rent an RV for a stay at Cayuga Lake State Park.

3) Avalanche Pass and Lake Trail

Avalanche Pass Trail NY

photo by Breic

If your hiking skills are vital, consider a trip up Avalanche Pass in the High Peaks Wilderness. You’ll find a lot of rocks to climb and many drop-offs. There are also many spots to stop and take photos as you progress, so if you can’t make it to the top, you’ll still find beauty to enjoy. Please be aware that, while the images may be unique, this twelve-mile hike is not for beginners.

If you haven’t done a lot of rock scrambling before, make sure to invest in suitable quality fingerless gloves. Giving yourself a sturdy leather grip on the palm while keeping your fingers free to grip can make it much easier to use any rope that may be available.

4) Cascade Mountain Trail

Cascade Mountain trail NY state

photo by Mitchell Joyce

This hike is just over five miles and includes some rock scrambling, but the views will be completely worth it. Of course, this path will be quite busy in the summertime. Depending on your photographic goals, spring and fall may give you more elbow room and a better shot. Finally, do your best to get near the peak as the sun is coming up. The views of Cascade Mountain and Porter Mountain will be completely worth your efforts.

When packing to hike early in the day, make sure you carry plenty of bug spray, and don’t forget to layer up. The mornings may be chilly, but as you get closer to the top, the sun will warm things up nicely.

5) Devil’s Hole Trail

Devil's Hole State Park New York

photo by Adam Moss

Devil’s Hole State Park covers forty-two acres and offers many activities. This is a day-use park, so you’ll need to find a campsite outside the park if you plan to tent or RV camp in the area. However, make sure you bring your camera, good boots, and some fleece on your hike of the Devil’s Hole Trail. This whirlpool can be quite mesmerizing; as you study it and get your photos, you may well get quite damp. Be aware that the trail also includes a long staircase to get to the trail itself.

While in the area, don’t forget to cross the river and visit the Niagara Botanical Gardens. The hard winters in this part of the world mean that the flowers tend to go a little crazy when the sun shines; your photography project will benefit from these lovely displays.

6) Constitution Marsh Trail

Constitution Marsh Trail New York

photo by Dora C

This trail offers something for anyone who loves the outdoors. The trail itself is fairly simple and offers several places to rest. There are a few rocks to scramble over, but for the most part, this trail is relatively flat and will allow you to enjoy looking up and out.

From winter eagles to summer egrets, you will find views and wildlife to take your breath away and keep your camera busy. If you have the time, find a bench and settle in to watch the light change as the clouds move over the land, including the Hudson River and the Falls at Indian Brook.

If you’re an experienced camper or are trying to become one, the trails available in New York State will increase your skill, calm your mind, and boost your photographic options.

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