Top 5 Domestic and International Russian Airline Companies List 2021

Today Russia can boast with top airlines that provide international and domestic transport services. These airlines were formed after some acquisitions and mergers in the 1990s and 2000s. This article focuses on the top airlines based on the amount of cargo and number of passengers transported. Thanks to our research, we found out that the best Russian airlines include:

  • Aeroflot
  • S7 Airlines
  • Rossiya Airlines
  • Utair Aviation
  • Ural Airlines


According to reports, Aeroflot has been rated as one of the most powerful airline brands in Russia and the world. A few years ago, the airline was ridiculed for inebriated pilots and negligence regarding safety. Today the company outshines powerful and major carriers from the Middle East and United States. Amazingly, a report by named Aeroflot as the most powerful airline brand today. This is revealed by its ability to sponsor Manchester United, its heavy investment in marketing for Asia and its young fleet.

Today Aeroflot is a worldwide leader in aviation safety. The airline is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo International Airport.

S7 Airlines

S7 Airlines is the largest domestic carrier in Russia. The airline is popularly known by its old name Siberian Airlines. The airline changed its name to S7 in the year 2005 after it acquired some other Russian airlines. S7 became part of the One World Alliance in the year 2010. Today, S7 airline operates flights to and from around 100 destinations in Middle East, Asia and Europe. All its flights provide economy class and business class travel.

Its main operational bases are located in Tolmachevo Airport and Domededovo International Airport. The company has its main headquarters in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia and has offices in Moscow.

Rossiya Airlines

Rossiya Airlines is also branded as the Rossiya-Russian Airlines. The Russian airline has its headquarters in Saint Petersburg and its hub at Pulkovo Airport. Rossiya has three branches based in Orenburg Tsenntralny Airport, Rostov-on-Don Airport, and Moscow Vnukovo International Airport.

Rossiya merged with Aeroflot group. It is recognized as the largest air carrier after Aeroflot, which is its parent company. In the year 2016, this airline covered more than 80 routes to different Russian regions and 15 to other countries.

Utair Aviation

This is a Russian airline whose headquarters are at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport. Utair’s main bases are located in Vnukovo international Airport and Surgut International Airport. Most of the flights offered by Utair are domestic, buy there are also a few extensive charter flights, scheduled helicopter services and international passenger services.

Ural Airlines

This Rusian airline operates both chartered and scheduled domestic and international flights. It is based in Yekaterinsburg, Russia and operates from Koltsovo International Airport. Ural airlines has more than 2260 employees and its technical base is recognized as one of the largest and most modern in Russia.

It’s one of the airlines that have experienced engineers and technical equipment. This enables the company to provide crucial in-house services. Being one of the fastest developing airlines in Russia, its fleet consists of ultra-modern and comfortable aircrafts. This makes it highly popular, especially with frequent travelers.

Other airline companies: Pobeda, Globus Airlines, Red Wings Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, Nordavia, Chukotavia, Gazpromavia, NordStar, Angara Airlines, Saratov Airlines, Yamal Airlines, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Yakutia Airlines, Aviastar-TU, VIM Airlines.

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