Top 5 Russian Billionaire Yachts. Super Russian Yachts List

Russian billionaire yachts have a distinctive feature which is a size. These Russian super yachts have been launched recently. They are considered to be the most unusual and expensive in the world. The photos of their interiors are really a sensation. You can watch Russian billionaire yachts through a satellite real time.

Roman Abramovich’s motor ship Eclipse has a landing ground for a helicopter, swimming pool, submarine, health spa, and cinema hall. The nine-decked yacht is equipped with bullet-proof glass and an anti-missile system. The interiors are designed with thirty-five contemporary works of art. The yacht Eclipse is a business card and pride of the Russian billionaire’s privately-owned fleet. There are also jetskies, helicopter hangars, kitchens, a gym, sauna, dance floor, and wine-cellar in it.

Yuri Scheffler’s yacht Serene is a seven-decked ship with two landing strips for helicopters, a helicopter hangar, indoor swimming pool with sea water, and a submarine compartment. The submarine can submerge up to 100 meters below the surface of the water. You can find 12 cabins for guests and 30 ones for crewmen on board.

Filaret Galchev’s yacht Sapphire has an interior with wooden floor. The ship has six cabins for 12 guests. There are also a cinema, spa salon, swimming pool, beach and bars. You can see a hydraulic helipad on the stern. There is a separate area for a 16-men crew. The yacht is equipped with a modern Roll Stabilization system. Special devices allow the ship to be maneuverable at a low speed and during mooring.

Vladimir Potanin’s yacht Nirvana has six cabins. The owner’s cabin is on the upper deck. You can also see restaurants, bars, a gym, cinema, swimming pool, helipad and much more on board.

A glass elevator of silver carving moves from the top to the lower deck. The ship is equipped with the newest navigation systems. There is an oval swimming pool with a depth and fresh sea water filling adjustment.

The Russian oligarch Dmitriy Rybolovlev has an yacht called Anna. This ship stands out for a luxurious interior and an expensive wood finishing. You can find marble baths, classic bedrooms, cabins for quests and children, a study, gym, steam room, helipad, etc. on board.

The ship was built in the Netherlands. There is a stern platform which can be pulled out to swim and a special system which adjusts and controls outside lightning of the yacht and the interior.

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