Top 5 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Travel Buddies

Extra preparations step, higher, and limited accommodation options are just some of the things that can discourage you from traveling with your dog. However, the benefits of making the dog your travel buddies outweigh the negatives. If you want your trip to be more fruitful and memorable, consider traveling with the canine.

Here are the main reasons why dogs make the best travel companions.

1. Companionship

Let’s face it. As much as global trotting is fun, there are some fears. The biggest of them is a feeling of being lonely. While in a foreign land, you don’t have anybody to talk to or even play with. By traveling with your dog, you won’t have lunch or dinner alone. The pet will be there to give you a perfect companionship that you need. If you decide to rent an apartment, you won’t have to deal with the pin-drop silence. The constant movement of the dog will make you feel like you are not alone.

Apart from companionship, a dog can give you some sense of security. For instance, in an apartment, a dog will bark when it senses an intruder. You will also feel safer when walking around the streets with the dog.

2. Improves Your Social Life

A dog can be a good ice-breaker. Unless you are an extremely social person, it can be quite a challenge to initiate conversations with foreigners-especially when you are alone. But with a dog, things can be entirely different. Your pretty canine will always attract unwarranted attention from people. Some will want to touch or even kiss it. From there, a healthy conversation is likely to develop.

You can also meet other pet owners who can share a thing or two about their dogs. Walking around with the dog also makes you look like a local.

3. Motivates You to Get Out

If you are prone to having a jet lag after a long flight, you need to travel with your dog. You won’t sleep for hours waiting to recover from the delay. Having a dog will compel you to get up and start exploring the world. Of course, you would want the best for your pet, and one of the rewards that you can give is by walking it around. In doing so, you will not only be helping the dog. The little walks will keep you healthy and fit.

Just remember to bring the best retractable dog leash to avoid risk in unexpected situations that cause you to lose your pet.

4. A Dog Helps You to Make Quick Decisions

By including a dog in your travel plan, you won’t spend endless days and nights thinking about where to go and where not to go. First, you won’t have any problem in choosing a country that you should visit. Regulations that guard traveling with animals are enough to help you decide. Some countries have stringent pet regulations and quarantine laws (1). In others, you can’t enter with your pet. You need to erase these countries from your travel plan and opt for dog-friendly nations.

The same applies when choosing hotels and restaurants. Some are friendly while others are not. It won’t be hard to decide on where to go and where you should not.

5. A Dog Will Make You Happy

A dog can be a good source of happiness during your trip. A study (2) that was carried out at Marist College revealed that dogs tend to make owners happy. This is just one of the many similar studies that have been to establish a relationship between pets and happiness.

Waking up to the cute face of the dog will start your day off on a happy note. You won’t resist laughing when the canine does stupid and funny activities such as tearing the pillow or running around the house.


Do not be held back by some fear and leave your dog at home under the care of someone else. The pet will feel lonely and neglected. Also, you can’t be sure whether it will be taken care of well or not. Probably it won’t be given best dog foods as you usually do.

The best thing is to include the dog in your travel plans. You won’t regret making this decision. All you need is to make proper arrangements that are geared towards keeping the canine comfortable. Since dogs are photogenic, include them in your selfies while in exotic locations. The memories of the trip will be worth keeping.


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