Famous, good, notable Russian actors

Sergey Bodrov JR

Sergey Bodrov was a legendary hero of Russian cinema, gifted film director, actor, and scriptwriter. As an actor, Sergey only played around ten roles, but even this was enough to award accolades to him. His best known films are Brat and Brat-2. These films brought Russian fame to him. He wasn’t a professional actor, but became a hero of a whole generation.

His director debut Sestry became a symbol and determined the movie aesthetic of the 90s. Sergey never considered himself an actor and claimed that a role for him wasn’t a profession, but a deed.

Sergey Bezrukov actor

Sergey Bezrukov showed interest in acting technique in his school-days. Bezrukov constantly took part in amateur performances, and his father, who treated his son’s intentions with seriousness, encouraged in every way and helped him to master the basics of the profession. It was on the theatre stage where his stardom began.

By the end of 90s, Bezrukov had already become one of the most popular young theatre actors.

True success in the world of cinema waited for him until 2002, when the series Brigada was released.

Today Sergey is one of the most talented and important actors of Russian cinematography and theatre.

Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Mashkov is an actor of the experimental theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, stage director, film director, and one of the most well known actors of Russia. He has acted in films since the 90s. He got most of his awards for the roles in films – Vor and Limita. Mashkov has acted in Hollywood films. He took part in shootings of some TV series, played Rogozhin in series Idiot.

It isn’t surprising that the courageous and charismatic Mashkov became one of the most popular actors of Russian cinematography.

He always cautiously chooses roles, gets used to them with maximum efficiency, and as a result, all of his work gets appreciation of audience and critics.

Yevgeny Mironov Russian

The intention of becoming an actor originated in Yevgeny Mironov during childhood. In school years, he attended a dramatic society and practiced music (played the accordion). Dreaming about improvement of dramatic talent, he enrolled in a dramatic school in Saratov. In 1990 Mironov graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School- Studio. As an actor, Mironov acted in his first film in 1988. After that he took part in 37 other films. Mironov has many awards. He is a prize-winner, laureate, nominee of many film festivals and prizes, and in 2004 he got a People’s Artist rank.

Aleksei Panin Russian

Aleksei Panin was born in Moscow. In school-days he went in for water polo, and wanted to become a professional sportsman. At his mother’s urgent request, he enrolled in the Russian University of Theatre Arts. Although he was a first-year student, director Gleb Panfilov invited him to act in an episode of the historical film Romanovy: Ventsenosnaya semya. In 2005 the criminal black comedy Zhmurki directed by Aleksei Balabanov, in which Aleksei played one of the main roles, was released. In recent years actor Panin more often appears on media pages not due to the creativity, but countless scandals.

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