Top 5 Cheap Dental Tourism Countries 2021

Dental tourism is the latest buzzword in the world of tourism these days. It refers to a novel concept of combining vacations to an exotic place with your regular dental procedure. If you live in a country like the U.S where dental procedures are exorbitantly priced, it is a wonderful idea to pack your bags and get it done in a country where it costs much less and is also known for its natural beauty. In fact, many people in the west are using this clever ploy to undergo dental procedures and enjoy vacation with family as a bonus. This is because dental procedures in these countries cost fraction of what they cost in their own countries. Here is a list of top 5 countries known for their cheap and efficient dental tourism.


If you are desirous of getting your regular dental procedures done at merely 10% of their cost in the U.S with same precision and efficiency, you should head to India. It is a beautiful country with exotic locales and historic monuments. You can also have a wonderful vacation with your family while you undergo medical procedures. In fact, this trip and the dental procedure is so cheap that you can save a lot of money that you spend on your annual vacations inside the country.


Thailand is another beautiful country in the southeast Asia where you can get your dental procedure done at very cheap rates. Thailand has special medical centers dedicated for the treatment of foreign patients. Bangkok International Dentist Center is a highly respected name in the world of dentistry in whole of south Asia. In addition to your treatment, you and your family can have a wonderful vacation on the beaches of Phuket and Bangkok.


Mexico is a neighboring country where thousands of Americans go every year to get their dental procedures done. Not only do they save a huge amount of money on these procedures, they also save lot of money on travel and accommodation as Mexico is very close and also very cheap in comparison to the U.S. In fact, many Texans and Californians drive down to Mexico to enjoy a vacation and to get their dental procedure done.


Spain is European country where a dental implant is done in only $653 – This is much less than what it costs in the U.S. You need not worry about the quality of your treatment as facilities for dental procedures in Spain are world class. As far as your vacations is concerned, there is no need to elaborate on the breathtaking natural beauty of this country.


Poland is one country in the whole of Europe that is known for its excellent dental care and services. You would be surprised to know that a dental implant here costs only $506.

There are many world class dental clinics in Krakow and Warsaw where thousands of European and American patients come to avail cheap dental procedures. Poland is also a very beautiful country tor wonderful vacations.

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