Top 20 Exciting International Destinations to Go on Vacation 2021. Adventure Places to Go

Often times vacations are spent laying out on the beach, but spending vacation, after vacation out on the beach can get pretty boring. But a vacation that is filled with adventure will send you home with a new lifetime experience. Here are our 20 favorite international adventures that will soothe that adventure in all of us.

1. Venezuela

In this South American country, you will be able to explore the Lost World and Angel Falls. With a 3,200-foot drop, Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall. The best time of year to go in general is during the dry season which falls between December to April. Although the best time to see Angel Falls is during the wet season, from May to November. As the waterfall will have more water falling down it.

2. Spitsbergen, Norway

There are many Arctic adventures that you are able to experience from this island between the North Pole and northern Norway. If seeing the northern lights is on your bucket list you should plan on going between October to March. As this time of year produces the darkest nights, making it easier to see the lights. If you are lucky you might even see a pod of white beluga whales. The best time of year to take in these sights are between November to February.

3. Italy

It is no doubt that there are many things to do in Italy. But those with an adventurous spirit should venture to Via delle Bocchetta. Most commonly known as Bocchetta Way, this is one of the greatest mountain journeys that the Alps have to offer. This hiking path is equipped with fixed cables, ladders, and bridges for every climbing experience level. The best time to experience this hike is when the route is free of snow, which does not usually happen until July.

4. Sydney, Australia

For the thrill-seekers try out your climbing skills on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This is not your ordinary monumental landmark. This bridge is a 440-foot high walkway, once at the top, you will be rewarded with some of the best panoramic views that the city has to offer. The best months to go to Sydney is September through November, and March to May. These time slots will offer you comfortable temperatures and light crowds.

5. Dubai

There are numerous things to while in Dubai, but the funniest by far is sandboarding. Take a tour to the beautiful dunes, then hop on a sandboard and soar downhill. If standing is not your thing you can sit on the board and slide your way down the hill. The weather is best from November to April, which falls into their summertime. This could cause there to be some high tourist traffic in the area.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand offers numerous bungee jumping options. For a 440 feet drop be sure to check out the Nevis High wire. This 8-second drop takes place right above the rushing Nevis River and is perfect for every adrenaline junkie. The best time of year to go see New Zealand is from November to April. Make sure to book your adventures and accommodation in advance.

7. Caving in Iceland

A caving adventure will have you crawling through narrow rock crevices and swimming in underground pools. Caving will let you discover amazing scenery, like lava formations, stalactites, and curious rock formations. Your timing has to be right for caving in Iceland and the best time to go is from April to September.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

If you are looking for a way to show how brave you are then taking a dip with sharks is the way to go. Our favorite is cage diving with a great white shark off the coast of Gansbaai. If you chicken out, you can still enjoy the other marine wildlife in the area. To experience this adventure the best time to go is from April to September.

9. Bogota, Columbia

Hang gliding will have you feeling like a bird as you swoop and dive in the air. The most breathtaking places to go hang gliding is in Bogota. You will get to soar over the grassy Bogota Savannah. To get the best sights out of this hang gliding adventure is from December to April. Since those are their summer months, be prepared for some crowds.

10. Minjin Jungle Swing

Soaring through the jungle at fast speeds in one way to spend a vacation. This three person swing is found in Australia, and will make you feel like a modern day Tarzan. The best time to go swing through the jungle is from September to November or March to April.

11. Blue Lagoon

The world’s largest geothermal pool can be found in Iceland. It is a body of salt water that gets renewed every 40 hours, and the temperature always stays around 100 degrees. There really is no bad time to the Blue Lagoon, which means that you could go anytime of the year. Take the time to really enjoy your trip to the Blue Lagoon.

12. Bernese Oberland

This region in Switzerland will have you capturing nature at its finest. From snowcapped mountains, rolling hills, and lakes, Bernese Oberland is definitely for the nature lover in us all. Summer and Winter are the best times to go take in these sights. During the summer you can enjoy the crystal clear lakes and mountain hikes. While in the winter you can enjoy some of the best skiing that Switzerland has to offer.

13. Mount Thor

Mount Thor, the worlds steepest can be found in Nunavut Canada. It is a popular spot for many avid mountain climbers. This peak is made out of pure granite and has a 4,101-foot vertical drop. If you are not into hiking, that’s okay, you can spend time exploring Auyuittuq National Park. June to August is the best time to go visit this steep peak.

14. Atacama Desert

This desert can be found in Chile, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. This is one of the dryest places on earth and makes it a good spot for travelers who like to go off the beaten path. Enjoy some pisco sours and take in the pollution free starry nights, where you can just make out the Milky Way. The Atacama Desert is truly a year-round destination spot, so there is no bad time to go.

15. Ski Dubai

As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai is home to many types of attractions. This man-made indoor ski slope is one such attraction that you will not want to miss out on. Inside this is an indoor adventure, there is no bad time to go to Dubai and get your skiing on.

16. Palau

Palau is 500 miles from the Philippines and is home to the world’s most beautiful tropical paradise. This island is most known for Jellyfish Lake. The lake is home a special species of jellyfish that over the years have lost their ability to sting. Which means that you swim and dive with jellyfish. The best time to go swimming with jellyfish is from November to May, as there will be a less chance of rain.

17. Zambia

White water rafting on the Zambezi river can be an appealing option for those that love water and adventures. The Zambezi river is home to the wildest white water rafting in the world. The river tends to flood between February until the end of June. The best time to go rafting in Zambia is during the low season which falls from August to October.

18. Reykjavik

Go on a deep sea fishing expedition in Reykjavik Iceland. You will be able to soak up the coastal charms, as you fish for Haddock, Rockfish, and Pollock. The best time to go deep fishing in Iceland is in the summer months, which is from May to August.

19. Puerto Rico

Taking time to learn how to surf on the coast of Puerto Rico is one of the best ways to spend a vacation. Most of these lessons are taught by award-winning professional surfers. The surfing season in Puerto Rico takes place pretty much all year, but you will find the best waves from late summer to early spring. There will be crowds, no matter what time of year you choose to go, so made all your accommodations beforehand.

20. Manali

Enjoy some of the gorgeous trails that the Himalayas have to offer. It has gained a reputation as being a great place to backpack as well as being a good destination for a honeymoon. Take time to trek up to Rohtang Pass or do some paragliding in the Solang Valley. The best time to go to Manali and enjoy all these outdoor activities is from March to June. The temperature will be just right during the day, while the nights tend to be a bit chilly.


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