Top 10 Soviet/Russian Watch Brands

Russian watches have a stylish modern design, precision and reliable mechanisms, and an acceptable price. Watches which are produced in Russia mostly go for export. Russian watches is a constant quality and high precision.

Watches is a an indicator of a status of a modern man. Russian watches save your money, enhance your prestige and improve your public image. High-quality Russian watches are adapted to our climatic conditions. They are frost and waterproof.

Slava is a world-known watch brand which dates back to 1924. The watches had got gold medals at the exhibition in Leipzig and Brno numerous times. They were exported to England, Canada and France. There are models with Russian and foreign mechanisms. You will be amazed at the right price, classic design, and different collections including jewelery.

Raketa wristwatches have been manufactured since 1961 by the Petrodvorets Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg. The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is Russia’s oldest factory, founded by Peter the Great in 1721. Raketa watches have been produced for the Red Army, the Soviet Navy, and for North Pole expeditions, as well as for civilians. Today, Raketa is one of a handful of global watch brands that produces its own movements from start to finish.

Russian Watch Brand Raketa


The watch brand Pobeda was created by the order of the Kremlin in April 1945. The watchmakers were entrusted with a special task: to create watches that would symbolize the heroism and will of every citizen of the country.

The brand Pobeda is very popular. They were the most produced model of watches in the world until the 60-ies. Military, politicians, artists, labor veterans wear this watch model.

Best Russian watch brand Pobeda
Buran is classic watches in a steel and gold case which combine the Swiss quality and the unique Russian watchmaking traditions.

Macktime is a Russian gold and silver watch brand. There are unique jewelery works of authorship in the collection Macktime which have won the recognition abroad.

Platinor is a popular watch brand with an extensive range of models.

Nika is modern gold and silver watches which were made according to the “case in case” patented process.

Russkoye vremya is a classic watch collection in the Russian watch traditions of the First Moscow watch plant Polyot.

Pilot-Time is watches in a modern sport style.

Romanoff is modern business and casual men’s and women’s watches.

Polyot-Stil’ is men’s and women’s watches with national symbols in the spirit of the best models of the First watch plant.

Russian women's watches


Chaika is women’s watches with cases made from precious metals. They emphasize businesswomen’s freedom and independence.

Polyot-Elita is gold and silver watches in the best Russian watchmaking traditions.

Petroff is a respectable and elegant collection of men’s gold and silver watches.

Nesterov is for those who want to show himself off, keep up with fashion, try to create a unique look and aren’t afraid to be eccentric.

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