Top 10 Russian Pharma Companies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 2021

There are more than 950 manufacturers of medical products on the Russian pharmacy market. These Top 10 pharmaceutical companies together account for approximately one-third of pharma market. There are more than 600 plants in Russia, which produce pharmaceutical and biomedical products. The level of development of the pharmaceutical industry is very high, which allows producing all currently known drugs.

Top 10 largest Russian pharmaceutical companies 2021:

Pharmstandard is a leading pharmaceutical company in Russia, which develop and produce modern, high-quality, affordable medical products that satisfy the health care requirements and the expectations of patients.

Pharmstandard produces more than 250 types of medical products, including drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, gastrointestinal, neurological, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The total production capacity allows us to produce more than 1.7 billion units per year.

Production capacity of the group of companies “Pharmstandard” includes 8 modern plants: OAO “Pharmstandard-Leksredstva” (Kursk), OAO “Pharmstandard-UfaVITA” (Ufa), OAO “Pharmstandard-Tomskhimpharm” (Tomsk), PAO “Farmstandart-Biolek” (Kharkov, Ukraine), OAO “Biomed” (Moscow), OOO “Pharmapark” (Moscow), ZAO “Lecco” (Vladimir region, pos. Volginsky) and medical equipment factory OAO “TZMOI” (Tyumen).

STADA CIS Russian holding is a part of an international group of companies STADA AG, which unites the leading companies of the Russian pharmaceutical market – Nizhpharm, Makiz-Pharma and Hemofarm.

Sotex is a system pharmaceutical industrial complex, satisfying the needs of Russia in the most important medical products. Company’s plant is located in Sergiev Posad (Moscow region), was originally designed and operated in accordance with GMP EU standards, and it’s one of the most sophisticated and innovative pharmaceutical enterprises in Russia. Sotex is a production business segment of the group of companies “Protek” – the largest Russian pharmaceutical holding to-date.

Microgen is Russia’s largest producer of immunobiological products, one of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia. The Scientific and Production Association Microgen was established in May 2003 as a result of the merger of state-owned enterprises producing medical immunobiological products and other medical drugs. It comprises Virion (Tomsk), Immunopreparat (Ufa), Allergen (Stavropol), Biomed (Perm), ImBio (Nizhny Novgorod), Moscow Department of Bacterial Preparations, Irkutsk Enterprise of Bacterial Preparations.

AKRIKHIN is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies manufacturing more than 200 medicinal products. The company is one of top 10 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of sales and production volume in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

OAO “Biosintez” is a part of global generic pharmaceutical company SUN PHARMA company. The volume of production of the company is more than 3 bln. Rubles from 4.0% of market share.

VEROPHARM is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of generics, oncology drugs, and medical plasters. The product portfolio of the company includes more than 300 kinds of products, mainly generics. The company consists of three plants: the Voronezh chemical-pharmaceutical factory, Belgorod enterprise, and the Pokrovsky factory. The Belgorod Enterprise has a total production capacity of 591 million tablets and capsules, 7 million ampoules, 468 million plasters and 43 million bottles annually. The company “Veropharm” was acquired by Abbott company in 2014, one of the world leaders in the healthcare industry.

Valenta Pharm, JSC, is the Russian pharmaceutical company established in 1997. Valenta pharm develops, manufactures and markets Rx and OTC/OTX for psycho-neurology, urology, gastroenterology, immunology, virology and antibiotic therapy. Their portfolio includes more than 200 items.

WERTEKS is a pharmaceutical company from St. Petersburg. The portfolio includes more than 200 items of products: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and medical devices. You can find dog medicine or grooming tools info from

GEROPHARM group of companies, develops and producer of high-quality medical products, invests in technological development, and the creation of innovative pharmaceutical infrastructure. GEROPHARM produces several original Russian medical products, which are in demand among, due to their pharmacological properties, in the field of neurology and ophthalmology and successfully compete with imported drugs.

GEROPHARM group comprises three companies:

GEROPHARM LLC – corporate headquarters. It has registration in 14 countries and is present in all subjects of the Russian Federation.

GEROPHARM-Bio – modern full cycle manufacturing site.

Pharm-Holding – an R&D center which is involved in all aspects of drug development: from discovery to clinical programs and marketing authorization.


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