Best Russian Law Companies in Moscow St. Petersburg

Top Russian law companies 2021

The law firm Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners has existed for more than twenty years. It offers a great range of services which include dispute resolutions in the area of company law, carrying out a procedure of reorganization and liquidation of a company. You can get a consultation in the area of power engineering, international law, ecology, criminal law, etc. Many specialists of the company are a part of law associations. Reception of clients can be held in different languages.

Goltsblat BLP offers legal services on any questions related to the Russian law. Also you can use the foreign law such as the English law while implementation of projects which are subject to the jurisdiction of some countries. The experience of best specialists of the company in the area of Russian and English law allows to give comprehensive legal assistance to Russian and international clients carrying out investment in Russia as well as Russian clients who are carrying out investment overseas.

Authority of the lawyers of the law firm Vegas Lex is proved by the company ratings of the leading international and Russian editions. The company copies with the most difficult legal tasks. It takes part in scale and complex projects. The interests of it are connected with problems of a legal branch and different lines of the Russian economy. The firm is an active designer of bills, regulatory legal acts and analytical stuff. The company is a leader in competition law, arbitral justice and other areas according to the annual rating

The specialists of Pepeliaev Group have been involved for many years as independent experts in designing of bills which maintain relations in different areas of economy. The company has obtained a unique practical experience of being of interest of the large world’s companies at all the stages of realization of the most difficult international projects. It offers services in complex legal support for investment projects in Russia.

The company Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov & Partners follows progressive Western standards of providing legal services. It gives priority to their efficiency, quality and efficiency for clients. The company’s work is connected with legal support of projects of a high degree of complexity carrying out for representatives of large-scale business. The firm’s professional activity has multidisciplinary
nature and covers more than twenty fields of concentration.

The other firms which offer high quality services and prevail in the amount of proceeds include FBK-Pravo, Yust, ALRUD, Yakovlev & Partners, Khrenov & Partners, etc.

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