Top Real Estate Developers (Construction Companies) in Russia 2021

We have listed information about Russian companies, which are engaged in the development of residential and commercial real estate. This is updated 04/2021 list of top largest construction companies in Russia 2021:

PIK Group

PIK Group is one of theleading Russian companies in the sphere of residential real estate. The company’s main activity is building and sale of economy class accommodation, basically in the segment of panel industrial housebuilding. The company PIK works in some traditional directions:

developing real estate, capital investment, and building. It specializes in development of community areas with well thought-out and developed infrastructure, planning and realization of projects of different complexity, and building materials production. Its own available productive capacity means a lack of some problems for the company while carrying out building.


The company Glavstroy carries out strategic management of the group Bazovy Element’s building asset.

Glavstroy’s companies carries out a complete work circle – from output of raw material which is necessary for production of hardware to commission of technologically unique projects.

The Glavstroy corporation is one of the largest players of the Russian building sector. It annually raises some hundred thousand square meters of accommodation and social infrastructure.

One of the main directions of the corporation’s activities is the rendering of engineering services to third-party organizations.

JSC Glavstroy Development is a directing agency of the developing group of corporations. The companies work in the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, and the Krasnodar Territory.

Glavstroy Company Information

CDS group (Группа ЦДС)

Investment and construction company “Shared Construction Center” (Группа “Центр Долевого Строительства”) began its activity in the construction market of St. Petersburg in 1999. During this time, with the participation of the CDS Group, independently or in partnership with other developers, 130 residential buildings were built in St. Petersburg, Sestroretsk, Murino, Kudrovo, Pushkin and Bugrakh – more than 4 million sq. M. In total.

Today the company is an investment and construction holding with a staff of 1000 people. It includes 39 companies.

Setl Group

Setl Group holding was founded in 1994, operated under the Petersburg Real Estate brand and positioned itself as a financial and construction company. In connection with the issue of bonds in 2006, restructuring and renaming were carried out: Petersburg Real Estate received its current name Setl Group.

The company occupies all market segments from standard-class buildings and comfort-class facilities to apartments in the business and premium segments. The architectural concepts and design of Setl Group are carried out by the best architectural workshops and design organizations. The company is one of the top three construction companies in St. Petersburg. As of 2020, Setl Group has built 217 residential buildings in St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions. Developer, about 10 schools and kindergartens appear.

Morton Group

The Morton Group one of the leading Russian developers. Morton as a large Russian company entered in the top 3 on the capacity of putting accommodation into operation in 2011, having raised the capacity of commission of accommodation from about 550,000 square metres to 800,000 square metres during the year.

It specializes in building residential communities in the nearest vicinities of Moscow provided with all necessary civil engineering and social infrastructure. The Morton Group carries out a full circle of implementation of projects from formation of an idea and creation of an architectural concept to construction and handing over the following operation.

The LSR group

The LSR group is a diversified company in the development, building, and hardware production sphere which appeared in 1993. For the last years the company transitioned from the leader of a regional market and turned into the all-Russian diversified business-structure extending its activity on other regions of the country and also near abroad. The group combines enterprises producing hardware, mining and processing of rock products, rendering of mechanized service, and enterprises specializing in development and building construction.

Apartments from the developer LSR satisfy European quality standards. The company offers comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. The group’s gain for the first six months of 2015 is about 30 billion rubles.

The Etalon Group

The Etalon Group’s distinctive feature in the sphere of building of accommodation is a quarterly building. Striving for satisfying people’s needs of comfortable and high-quality housing to the maximum, the group not only builds houses but also erects whole uptowns with all necessary infrastructure which become a city’s decoration. The non-standard approach to building architecture is their business card when they build residential real estate as well as commercial one.


The Ingrad Group of Companies (INGRAD) is one of the largest development companies in Moscow and Moscow Region. It was founded in 2012. It was recognized as the fastest growing development group in Russia in 2017. The project portfolio is over 2.5 million sq. m of real estate (NSA).

the group became a public joint stock company operating under the single brand INGRAD (PJSC INGRAD) in December 2017, following the results of the merger of the development assets of Concern ROSSIUM. The main activity of the company is the construction of residential areas of comfort and business class, as well as infrastructure facilities. The geography of projects includes the districts of Old and New Moscow, cities of the near Moscow region. At the moment, 12 objects located in the Moscow region are under construction.

Tashir Group

There are its own plants producing building materials at the disposal of Tashir Group. Tashiracts as a customer, general contractor, and carries out project work and follow-up action. It belongs to companies of a federal level. The base of the group of company’s business is development and commercial real estate management, at that its priority direction is retail property.

Tashir Group combines more than 200 companies in eighth kinds of business with the whole staff numbering over 50,000 men and headquarters in Moscow. Diversification of business is a principle lying in the basis of Tashir’s business. It’s a guarantor of decrease of risks which are inevitable during concentration in a certain market or branch.

Avgur Estate OJSC

Avgur Estate OJSC is an enterprise of a complete circle of the real estate market. The company’s activity is directed to its investment branch, building, and organization of the process of realization of input objects. The company doesn’t have a dedicated specialization. It works both with projects of residential buildings and residential communities, and commercial real estate. The group of companies Masshtab which specializes in realization of projects of country and low-rise construction enters in the Avgur Estate’s structure. The company is on the list of reliable developers composed by the organizationMoskomstroyinvest.


Initially the group of companies Mitz specialized in realtor service. Now it invests in residential real estate construction. Mitz carries out an extensive work package from selection of an object to legal support and accept guarantorship of its safety. The group buys and sells residential objects of the secondary housing market (houses, apartments, and rooms), exchanges apartments and rooms, purchases and sells apartments on primary market (including objects in newly-erected buildings on any building stage), exchanges, sells and buys suburban plots, cottages, and other country real estate, etc.

Pervyj Stroitelnyj Trest

Pervyj Stroitelnyj Trest CJSC being a general investor, developer, and building owner combines a group of companies which allows it to carry out a complete circle of works: from choosing a site for a future microdistrict, object design, building, decoration, improvement, registration of property rights to an apartment, and further use of buildings. The main Pervyj Stroitelnyj Trest’s principles of work are high quality of accommodation submitting to a final consumer and commitment to discharging undertaken obligations. Along with building of apartment houses all social and engineering infrastructure is erected simultaneously.


The group of companies SU-155 was founded in 1954. It continues being a guide of the best traditions of Soviet building.

It’s one of the greatest Russian construction holding companies.

The group includes more than 80 industrial and building organizations. It’s among five of the largest Russian construction companies in the segment of residential real estate and holds more than 20% of the Moscow market. The SU-155’s turnover in 2012 was 83.3 billion rubles. As one of Moscow’s largest panel developers it continues expansion in regions.

The staff of the group runs 40.000 men. Every year it places in operation 1.5 million square meters of real estate. SU-155 banktupted in 2016.


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