Top 5 Russian Architecture Companies/Firms List 2021

The company ABD Architects was in the first ones which began to develop the ideas of persistent design in the Russian office sector. It specializes in architectural engineering. This architect’s companydesigns interiors of offices, housing estates, malls, shopping centers, headquarters, banks, training centers, clinics, business centers, etc. The company ABD architects has an access to the works which influence the safety of objects of capital construction.

The architectural bureau UNK Project works with objects such as metro stations, business centers, housing estates, restaurants, pavilions, airports, swimming pools, etc. The list of this company’s clients includes Hauskraft, Skype, L’Oréal, Google, Mars, Microsoft, WalterDisney, and others. The bureau designed offices or centers for these companies. It uses functionality of architectural and individuality of designer’s solutions. It allows clients to express exclusiveness of their style.

The Moscow company Reserve works with objects of any scale. Design and planning of public buildings, blocks of flats, parks, and other objects is a task which the specialists of the company accomplish. The company’s work is connected with landscape architecture, project management, graphic design, interior solutions, project management,ecological compatibility, etc. The bureau Reserve develops urban design.

The Moscow company Sergey Estrin’s Architectural Workshop has a lot of honorary awards such as “Best Interior Design Apartment Europe” and “Highly Commended Private Residence, Russia, Interior Design” won in the competition “Europe Property Awards 2013”, the international award “Best Of Houzz2016” and others. The works of the studio include a church, office buildings, business centers, offices for companies, penthouses, etc. It develops interiors and planning of fitness centers, restaurants, etc. taking into account modern technologies and materials.

The architectural bureau Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners has been known in St. Petersburg for more than 25 years. It has built over 30 object in the city and has a lot of other ones under development. The studio cooperates with different foreign companies. Its work is connected with planning of housing estates, business centers, hotels, exhibition centers, etc. The company is one of the most important ones in St. Petersburg.

The other 5 architectural companies include Officeproject, Za Bor, Sergey Tsytsin’s studio, Mamoshin’s studio, Swanke Hayden Connell Architect (Moscow branch).


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