Top 10 Free English-Russian Russian-English Online Dictionaries & Apps

About 20 years ago, when studying Russian, you have to find a paper dictionary, spending considerable time searching for even one word! Now, it is enough to make 2-3 clicks in order to find out what an unfamiliar word means and within a few seconds to learn the translation. Technology does not stand still! Today we will tell you which online English dictionaries are the best, so that you can choose the best option for yourself.

Nowadays dictionaries allow not only to read the transcription, but also listen word pronounciation and read interpretations of user explanations.

Best Russian-English / English-Russian Dictionaries:


This website is very good for translators, because you can find idiomatic expressions, professional jargon, translations of complex structures added by users themselves.

Multitran is available for Android.


One of the best dictionaries and translators in which you can learn how words are used in context, how to distinguish synonyms, in what styles of speech they are used. The application contains millions of examples from real texts and has powerful search engine. Combining a simple and powerful search engine with several full-sized dictionaries, Reverso Context provides translation and examples of the use of almost any word and expression.

It’s free. You can download Reverso App for Android and iOS.


Very good explanatory dictionary with clear definitions and good examples.


English-Russian disctionary for beginners. Given transcriptions and you can listen to the pronunciation of the word. Examples of offers with translation are given.

5) ABBY Lingvo Live –

Lingvo Live is a dictionary/translator Android and iPhone app, also Lingvo Translator+ extension for Chrome browser. Online access to all dictionaries is available to all users absolutely for free, but offline access is possible only with a premium subscription. 140 dictionaries across 15 languages, 10M examples from popular texts.


Excellent reference books, many specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, various languages.

7) Cambridge English-Russian dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary gives some of the most used definitions of a word. There an indication of whether a countable noun or not.

For example: city (noun) – город


28 languages online dictionary. Pronunciation, synonyms, similar words. Users can correct and add translations.


There are good examples, equivalents in other languages, intelligible interpretation, root words, pronunciation, international phonetic transcription.


If you need to urgently translate something, then this dictionary will help out. No examples, translation is usually given the most used.

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