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Russian rap is a successful trend in contemporary Russian music, popular in Russia and Post-Soviet states. The songs are of a socio-political, lyrical, humorous character. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, for all its popularity, Russian rap appeared not so long ago, in the late 90s The development history goes back a little over 20 years. Rap sounding at small parties and private parties began quickly spread to the masses. Despite the borrowed presentation, attributes, rhythm and style of style, music has its own originality and, most importantly, reflects the realities of modern life.

So what are most popular Russian rappers2021


Good old and young hip hop artists? We have written about top 10 Russian rappers and famous and cool Russian rap songs.


The Mnogotochie band was formed in 1998. The musical group initially consisted of twelve members. It made its debut at the festival Rap Music 99. They got the first prize at the festival Micro2000. The information about the breakup of the band spread in December of 2006. Mnogotochie became one of far and few between which managed to get a status of a cult underground band and became famous in Russia and CIS. Mnogotochie gave over 20 concerts while touring in 2006 without promotion on TV, taking part in hit parades and getting awards.


Today Oxxxymiron is one of the most popular Russian rappers. He mixes literary and foul languages easily. He has been criticized by other Russian rappers for not being familiar with the real Russian life because of studying abroad. Oxxxymiron (whose real name is Miron Fyodorov) drew general public’s attention in 2008. He started uploading his demo-records on the net at that time. He took part in a rap-battle with the rapper Dizaster who is considered to be the best battle-rapper in the US. Oxxxymiron is almost a national hero and one of the main rappers in Russia.

Oxxxymiron – Не от мира сего Russian Rap music video


Detsl took a place of a teenager-hero which had been vacant before. He sang in a hip-hop manner, told about teenager problems and was the same age with his audience. He has been one of the most successful producer projects of the last years. He was given a role of an idol of a new generation of boys and girls. He was the idol who was wearing wide pants, loose sweaters, trainers and hats pulled on his eyes. After the conflict with his father who was also his producer Detsl started to work as a solo rap artist. It was in 2004.

Detsl – Friday Music Video

Noize MC

Noize MC (Ivan Alekseev) is one of the most popular alternative musicians who is always discussed. He began to win fans’ affection through the net. It was there where his first tracks appeared. Alekseev took part in contests on the largest hip-hop and rap portals and was even if not a leader but amongst the strongest ones permanently. Noize MC was polishing his freestyle skills not only on the net but also while taking part in and winning at somehow important Moscow hip-hop battles.

Иордан – Noize MC feat. Atlantida Project

Some of his concerts have been canceled. Alekseev even was placed under administrative detention. The reason is prosaic. He uses foul language at his concerts and speaks about his civic stand openly.


The story of the band Malchishnik (Мальчишник) started in the 1990s. Its members met on Arbat in Moscow. They were keen on urban culture like break-dance and rap. They were giving street performances and organizing competitions. At that time it never occurred to anybody that rap with uncompromising texts about sex which was popular in North America can be put into Russian. That topic was, if not under the ban, under control of TV and the radio’s censorship. Malchishnik literally shook the basics. All Russia got carried away by the sex-tornado in very few weeks. Recording albums, touring non-stop, popularity, censorship and finally underground.


Matvey Melnikov aka Mot has been an energetic guy since childhood. He went in for dancing and then took up hip-hop. Melnikov tried his hand at the project Bitva za respect. He released his first solo album in 2011 and became a member of the label Black star. His first steps in the musical field started with banter freestyle.


Vasiliy Vakulenko aka Basta has a great creative experience, public recognition and respect. Basta is a rapper, composer, director, producer, scriptwriter, TV and radio presenter. He took up music as a teenager. He wrote the song Moya igra at the age of 18. After that Vakulenko got the first wave of popularity. His first album was released in 2006. There were other good rappers in Rostov-on-Don where Basta was born. Afterwards some of them formed a band called Kasta.


Initially Kasta was an informal unity of hip-hop aficionados which Basta was a member of. This band is a recognized leader of the Russian rap-music and it had an influence on creating of the Russian hip-hop stage. Kasta released the album Tryokhmernye rifmy for its own account in 1999. They went to the Moscow festival Rap Music 99 and came back from there with the first prize in the same year. In 2002 the band released the album Gromche vody, vyshe travy which probably was the most important one in the history of Russian rap. Kasta started speaking to the audience in the language which it understood. True stories from the block seemed shocking and attractive at the same time.

Шым / Каста — Романс для Анны Russian Rap music video


Andrew Lysikov aka Delphin is a Russian poet and musician, ex-member of the scandalous hip-hop trio Malchishnik. He is one of the most authentic artists who has always experimented; firstly, only in the style of commercial Russian rap and then he went to extremely electronic experiments through guitar music. He is the youth prize Triumph of 2000 laureate, the MTV RMA of 2004 Prize winner in the category “the best artist”, the Rock Alternative Music Prize (RAMP) of 2008 laureate in the category “the best music video”.


Timur Yunusov aka Timati attended a musical school for violin. He and Detsl went to the same dance classes for break dance. In 1996 Timati visited LA where he was drawn into street culture and he started to be interested in rap and hip-hop. He got his nickname there. Timati became popular due to the reality-show Fabrika Zvyozd-4. Yunusov entered on a career as a solo artist in 2006 when he released his first album Black star. Timati is a popular rapper in Russia.

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