Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia 2021

Well Known Medical Universities in Russia

It is a well-known fact that Russia holds the highest place when it comes to the literacy rate. Russia is a country having one of the strongest economies in the world and with a high literacy rate; Russia continues to dominate the education world. Therefore, it becomes evident that the quality of education in Russia is also commendable along with the Educational Institutions. People from all around the World look for opportunities to study in Russia and therefore, it requires proper understanding of what needs to be the focus while applying for a University or any other tertiary educational institute in Russia. Moreover, when it comes to the Medical education, Russia continues to hold a decent rank in the list. Following are some of the most appreciated and high ranking medical Universities in Russia.

1. Moscow State University

Moscow State University is one of the oldest educational institutes in Russia. It was founded in 1755 and since then it has been operating as a non – profit educational institution located in Moscow. It has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science and is therefore a much acclaimed University in Moscow, Russia. Moscow State University, offers a good range of degrees in Bachelors, Masters and even Doctorate in various concentrations. Moreover, the Moscow State University has a maximum capacity of catering to around 30,000 (estimated) students. The university continues to keep itself selective within the criteria of admission in regards to the minimum grade requirement, followed by other requirements.

2. Saint Petersburg Medical University

First Saint Petersburg State Medical University (Saint Petersburg State Medical University I.P. Pavlov) is a State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education in Saint Petersburg city of the Russian Federation. FirstSaint Petersburg State Medical University was established in 1897 as Medical Institute for Women’s, which was the first medical institution in Russia and in Europe in which women were given the opportunity to receive a medical degree. Since its establishment until today, the University has changed several names – Petrograd Women’s Medical Institute, the First Leningrad Medical Institute. In 1936 institute was named after the Nobel Prize winner and academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, and in 1994 the Institute was transformed into the University and received the name of St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Academician IP Pavlov. In 2013 as the University got its present name, the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Academician IP Pavlov. Today First St. Petersburg State Medical University employs 790 staff people who works in 69 departments, 56 research laboratories, 11 institutes, research institutes and centers.

Base of the university clinics are located in the university and in 43 major hospitals and clinics in St. Petersburg. Every year at the First St. Petersburg State Medical University has trained more than 5,000 students, including foreigners. Around 58000 specialists has been trained since the formation of First St. Petersburg State Medical University. Source:

3. Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University is also referred to as Kursk State Medical Institute. It is Russia’s one of the oldest and biggest universities founded in 1935. It is known to be Russia’s very first institute to make available full medical discipline program in English Language. The university caters in and provides doctoral degrees in 4 specializations with 1000+ employed people, which include doctors, professors, candidates of science, honored workers of science, academicians and many more. Moreover, this university consists of 5 dorms, 3 gyms, diagnostic infirmary, medical school, 3 academic buildings, dining room, café, buffet and much more.

4. Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is in the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan) in Russia. This university was formerly founded and known as Kazan Imperial University in 1804. It is also referred to as place of origin for natural (organic) chemistry and also of electron spin resonance. This university contains in it 3 Higher education Schools, 2 regional (provincial) campuses, 16 Institutes and a faculty of law. It is so far Russia’s second earliest university.

5. Perm State Medical University

Perm State Medical University was established on 1st of October 1916 and been playing a role of State Higher Educational Institution as in accordance with charter of Russia since 1917. Now, this university has gained the title of a National Research University. Presently, it has 11 university campuses with twenty eight computer laboratories, 45 labs and 15o lecture rooms. Foe students’ accommodation, there are 7 hostels within and around the university campus. PSU’s 8 disciplines are weighed as the top 5 in Russia including nanotechnology Microsystems’ engineering. Also, it consists of 4 sports room, a health center, canteens, a botanical garden and coffee shops.

6. Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University was previously called Rostov State University. It is located in Rostov Oblast with two campuses, each in Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog. It was established in 1915. Educationally, this university offers 5 various under graduate degree programs, 30+ masters’ degree and several PhDs along with a few undertaking researches. The Rostov premise is creator and host of two research institutes that are: The Research Institute of Physics and second, The Research Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry.

7. Crimea Medical University

Crimea Medical University, basically originated in Ukraine and with the Russia’s control over Ukraine, Crimea Medical University came under the control of Russian Federation. It caters to students from around 45 countries from all around the world. Crimea Medical University has a huge campus which consists of 16 educational buildings. Moreover, Crimea University also caters to overseas students with its residential project within the campus consisting of 5 hostels in total; spread all over the campus on an estimated area of 17.3 hectors.

8. Syktyvkar State University

Syktyvkar State University is established in the city of Syktyvkar in 1972. The university provides with Bachelor degree to PhDs in the disciplines of mathematics and natural sciences, technology, humanities, medicines and a few more. It also consists of 15 institutes and 52 divisions (departments).

9. Orenburg State Medical University

Orenburg State Medical University was formerly known to be Orenburg Polytech and was established in 1955. Presently, it operates with 1200+ academics and 1800 support staff. The main premise of the university consist of four academic buildings, a gym with sports ground, a library, students’ polyclinic and a dining hall. It is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Russia.

10. Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University was established in 1909 in the state of Ufa in Bashkortostan. It has 18 institutes and faculties along with 5 basic divisions (departments). It makes postgraduate degree available in 56 scientific majors and doctoral degree in 8 scientific courses. It has campuses and branches in SterlitamakBirsk, Uchaly, Sibai, and Neftekamsk.

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