Top 10 Russian Furniture Companies List 2021

Top 10 Best Russian Furniture manufacturers

The furniture factory Shatura was founded in 1961. It’s one of the leading Russian producers and distributors of furniture for home and office. The company takes part in regional exhibitions and gets awards. The original design allows sets and modules to blend in the interior of any apartment, office, beauty shop, restaurant, or cafe. The assortment of goods constantly gets renewed. You can find not only elite suites but also economy class modules at favorable prices.

The largest Russian furniture company Triya pays special attention to environmental safety of its furniture. It uses modern German and Italian equipment. The products of Volgodonskiy plant which work is connected with wood-based panels are known as the trade name Furniture Triya in the market. The furniture produced by Triya is available for most Russians. You can choose sets for a kitchen, children’s room, bedroom, hall, and living room.

The Kaliningradskaya company Lazurit has over 500 showroom-shops which serve customers in about 200 Russian cities. The plant offers a wide variety of suites for studies, halls, living rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms. You can put a set together by your individual design. A customer can also make his original stylistic solutions a reality. The furniture which the company offers is durable and stylish. The expansion of production and technical re-equipment are essential parts of the development of the company.

The furniture factory Premium which is located in Dzerzhinsk produces suites for kitchens, furniture for living rooms, modules for halls, etc. You can purchase high quality furniture created by your custom design at an affordable price. The size of the room and and its style are taken into account during production interior design items. In a company’s store a customer can choose furniture for an apartment, offices and commercial premises like restaurants, hotel complexes, malls, etc. The furniture has a great design and it’s service-strong.

The furniture factory Sil’va offers a wide range of stylish and beautiful furniture including cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture, etc. The company delivers furniture to all Russian districts. It takes part in exhibitions and it’s well up in the latest things in the world of furniture fashion. Italian and German woodworking machinery and sewing machines are used in the factory. This furniture company knows how to create high quality and functional sets of furniture.

The other top 5 furniture companies include Soyuz-mebel’, Kurazh, CJSC Sotos, Stolplit, and Glazovskaya furniture factory.

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