Top 10 Interesting Facts About Russia: Geography, Culture, Language

Geography, Culture, Language Facts about Russia

Russia is one of the most popular countries in the world. Given the length of Russia’s history, there’s a lot about that’s not so well known. It keeps things weird for example. Below, some facts about this country that many folks don’t know.

1. Moscow houses highest number of billionaires

World’s highest numbers of billionaires are not in the USA but right here at the heart of Russia. Yes, Moscow houses maximum number of billionaires (per capita) in the world till now 79 to be precise. The sheer presence of luxury steams all around the epic city makes the fact even more apparent. But just for FYI, Forbes has also confirmed the data.

2. World’s deepest lake rests in Russia

Lake Baikal tops the chart of the deepest lakes around the globe and contains around 20% of fresh water of the whole world. Interestingly, the landmark lake hosts a whooping 1, 700 plant & animal species- 2/3rds of those aren’t found anywhere in the world.

3. Trans-Siberian Railway is world’s longest single railway

When it comes to Russia, Trans-Siberian railway always grabs a lion’s share of limelight and that too for all the great reasons. It’s the world’s longest single railway that duly connects the capital city to Russia Far East. Moreover, the railway route cross as many as eight time zones, across 87 cities & towns as well as covers sixteen rivers. If you are ever on a trip to Russia, make sure to grab a seat in the legendary railway.

4. Extremely high rate of literacy

This is surely one of the most fascinating facts about Russia.
The country boasts an extremely high rate of literacy and 99.7% of Russians are capable of reading & writing by 15 only.

5. Newly-wed Russian couples hop for city tour

Now, this is something really cool about Russian wedding rituals!

Do you know newly-wed Russian couples go out on a grand city tour just after they say “I do”? Yes. And many of them map to make the post-wedding tour even more special with luxury car hire. You will often see newly marred beaming couples hopping in and out of limos or Rolls Royce for memorable poses before the famous landmarks of Russian cities.

6. Tiny village Suzdal hosts 53 churches

Suzdal is a small lovely Russian village that spans across a mere 15 kms and will charm you with its quaint elegance. But what’s most striking about the village is that despite its little size, Suzdal is the house of as many as 53 churches!

7. Twelve active volcanoes

Russia hosts T-W-E-L-V-E active volcanoes! Among all the volcanoes, the most famous is Klyuchevskaya Sopka (Kamchatka Territory) which had as many as 50 huge eruptions in past 270 years.

8. Women are more than men

Interestingly, the ratio of women: men has always been higher in Russia. Put simply, there are more women in the country compared to men. Such disparities usually create issues in marriage for women and many Russian prospective brides are forced to look for grooms from abroad. Register on Russian dating sites. .

9. Shares border with maximum number of countries

We will be winding up with another extremely interesting fact about the historic country. Russia shares her border with as many as 14 nations- the highest for any country in the whole world. Some of the most prominent neighboring countries of Russia are Norway, Latvia, Georgia Mongolia, and North Korea.

10. Language Facts

English speakers use the mnemonic “yellow-blue bus” to learn “I love you” – Я люблю вас.

Russian language is spoken by 260 million people worldwide (it’s 6th most natively spoken language in the world), It is spoken in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine).


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