To Your Health in Russian

“To your health” means “За ваше здоровье!” (Za vashe zdorovie) in Russian. Russians say it when they drink to somebody’s health. It’s a popular toast.

na zdrowie russian Budem zdorovi/ Na zdorovie na zdorovie russian Будем здоровы / На здоровье

“Budem zdorovi” means “Cheers”. It’s a short toast in a friendly unofficial atmosphere.

“Na zdorovie” is a set expression. It means “You’re welcome .” or “To your pleasure!”. It’s a good wish to somebody who you are treating. It’s also a reply to person’s gratitude for the treat. And in everyday life you can say “Na zdorovie” to reply to person’s gratitude not only for a treat but any favour. It’s an etiquette interjection. It’s an analog of “you’re welcome”. And you wish a person to be healthy.

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