Things to Know Before You Go Aguada Fort in Goa India

aguada fort goa india

Goa is the top visitor goal in India. A huge number of vacationers from India and everywhere throughout the world visit Goa consistently. It is reliably positioned as the best nightlife city in India and probably the best city in Asia with shorelines open to visitors. Goa has a differing populace and its Portuguese pilgrim past has an impact on the way of life, cooking and even vacation destinations of Goa. Fortress Aguada is a noteworthy visitor goal in Goa visited by numerous voyagers visiting Goa. Coming up next are a portion of the insights concerning Fort Aguada in Goa.


Stronghold Aguada is a seventeenth century Portuguese post that was worked during the frontier guideline of Goa by the Portuguese. This shoreline is in North Goa and this post is situated on the shoreline and stretches into the ocean. There are many famous places in Goa to visit. Agua in Portuguese methods water and thus the fortress was named Aguada.

In the stronghold, the renowned Fort Aguada Lighthouse was worked in the nineteenth century and is perhaps the most seasoned beacon in Asia. There was a freshwater stream in the post which was utilized by boats to recharge their new water stockpiling in the boats. This fortification additionally put away a great many gallons of freshwater, the biggest new water stockpiling at one point in Asia.

History and Architecture

The Fort Aguadawas worked in the mid seventeenth century in 1612 as a stronghold to shield the Portuguese domain in Goa from the Marathas and the Dutch. This fortification was worked more than 400 years back and has been saved and is available to traveler visits in the 21st-century. The Fort Aguada Lighthouse was based on a peak at the post and this fortification was deliberately situated on the mouth of River Mandovi in Goa.

This beacon was worked to help manage the boats securely into the Goa harbor. Laterite Stone was utilized to manufacture Fort Aguada and this fortress was worked by Portuguese military draftsmen deliberately in Goa to ensure Goa and the boats going all through Goa.

More Details of Fort Aguada

• Fort Aguada is one of the mainstream spots to find in Goa particularly for sightseers inspired by the historical backdrop of the area. Today a piece of the post is utilized as a correctional facility for the Goa organization and is perhaps the biggest prison in the state.

• Fort Aguada has increased more acclaim in the course of the most recent couple of years due to the renowned five begin lodging Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa in Goa. Numerous vacationers remaining at this retreat will in general visit the close-by vacation spots including the Fort Aguada.

• Besides the Sinquerim shoreline, the different celebrated shoreline close Fort Aguada incorporates the Calangute Beach which is a well known however less jam-packed shoreline in Goa. There are well known places of worship close Fort Aguada and furthermore military enclosure are additionally situated at this site.

Location and How to Visit

The Fort Aguada is situated on the shores of the Mandovi River on the Sinquerim Beach close to the Bardez sub-area in Goa. This stronghold is situated in North Goa and visiting the fortification in the day time is a smart thought. There is no section expense at the fortress and this shoreline can be effectively come to by street in a taxi or private vehicles. It is 16 kilometers from Panaji and 39 kilometers from the Goa International Airport.


This is one of the top voyagers goals in Goa and the same number of visitor visit Goa consistently, this fortification is exceptionally prevalent. Goa is a spot that individuals visit to unwind, find out about the breathtaking society, visit vacation destinations and furthermore have an incredible time as it is a fun spot to visit.

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