Tea in Russian

“Tea” is “чай” (“chai”) in Russian. Tea is a popular Russian drink. Russians drink tea several times a day. So having a tea break is a tradition. “Would you like black or green tea?” is “Ты будешь черный или зеленый чай?” (“Ty budesh’ chyorniy ili zelyoniy chai?”). “Would you like sweet tea?” is literally “Ty budesh’ sladkiy chai?” but in everyday life we say “Ты будешь чай с сахаром?” (“Ty budesh’ chai s sakharom”?). If you pour tea for your guest you ask, “How many teaspoons of sugar shall I put in your tea?” which is “Сколько ложек сахара мне положить в чай?” (“Skol’ko lozhek sakhara mne polozhit’ v chai?”). As you see the word “teaspoon” in this sentence should be translated like “ложек” instead of “чайных ложек”.

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