Tall Russian Actors


If any person is taller than average it attracts attention, especially if it’s a famous actor. Dmitriy Dyuzhev is one of the tallest Russian actors. He is 7 ft 7 tall. Dmitry was born into a family of actors. He graduated from the Russian University of Theatre Arts in 1999. The role of Kosmos in Brigada became crucial in his career. It brought great fame to Dmitry in an instant. He became a girl’s favourite and a teen idol. Audiences gave their hearts to rollicking Kosmos. His next famous role was the role of bandit Simon in the black comedy Zhmurki directed by Aleksei Balabanov.

In 2011, the premiere of the Dmitry Dyuzhev’s acting project happened. Graduated from the Higher Courses for Directors at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (aka VGIK), he shot his graduation work — a half-hour film Bratiya which took part in the Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr”. Dyuzhev’s theatre talent in combination with exceptional performances and high growth provided him with great success with audiences.

Ivan Urgant is as tall as Dyuzhev. He was born into a family of actors in Leningrad in 1978. His famous grandmother Nina Urgant and no less famous father actor Andrey Urgant had an influence on the little Vanya’s decision to become an artist. After finishing high school at the State Russian Museum, he got in the second year of the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy at once. But the theatre didn’t become his main passion.

Then he made a record of his own songs and acted in films: Trudnoe vremya and Ot 180 i vyshe. All in all, infinite searches of himself. Then Urgant worked on the radio and has hosted at TV channels.

Today Ivan is the face of the First TV channel. He hosts Vecherny Urgant, a Russian analog of “Late Show With David Letterman”. He acted in all parts of Elki, Vysotskiy, and other films.

People call him Russian Marlon Brando. He is 7 ft 6 in tall. Tall stature, sturdy build, massive chin, pair of grey eyes. His characters are strong, courageous men who fearlessly go to meet dangerous. “Za posledney chertoy”, “Volchya krov”, “Deti chugunnykh bogov” is by far not full list of films in which Yevgeny Sidikhin created bright characters which was imprinted on audience’s memory.

He enrolled at the acting department of Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, but was drafted in the Soviet Army in his first year in 1983. Sidikhin took part in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. In 1985, he renewed his education. His roles in action films and criminal dramas brought him great fame.

Grigoriy Antipenko is a bright Russian actor who got his greatest fame after playing one of the main roles in the series “Ne rodis krasivoy”. He is 7 ft 5 in tall.

Grigoriy graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute (the course of R. Ovchinninkov) in 2003. Antipenko acted in the ironic detective story “Chelovek bez pistoleta”, the comedy “Luna-Odessa”, the historical film “Zagovor”, the melodrama “Razluchnitsa” and others. He changed many posts before becoming an actor. Antipenko tried his hand at advertisement area, social field, created copies of museum exhibits for Mosfilm.


Popular actor and just a seller of shoes Gena Bukin from the situation comedy Schastlivi vmeste (a remake of an American TV series “Married… with Children”), TV-host Viktor Loginov was born in Siberian city Kemerovo. He is 7 ft 5 in tall.

He worked as a miner, rescuer, educator, DJ on the radio, art-director of a night club, and TV-host at RTR-Ural. He graduated from Ekaterinburg State University of Theatre (the workshop of V.I. Marchenko) in 2004. In his “past life” Victor rolled back his hair into a pony tail, had Spanish small beard and an earring.

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