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Most Popular, Stereotypical, Unique Russian Male Names and Meanings

Male names originated from Slavic, Greek, Jewish names are popular in Russia today. Top 10 popular male names 2018 in Russia consists of the names such as Alexander, Dmitriy, Artyom, Alexey, Sergey, Ivan, Vladislav, Bogdan, Vladimir, and Daniil. You can translate Alexander from Greek as a “defender”. It’s one of the most popular male names… Read More »

Popular, Stereotypical, Unique, Rare Russian Female Names and Meanings

Such names as Sofia, Anastasiya, Darya, Polina, Elizaveta, Ksenya, and Alyona are the first ones in the ranking of the most popular Russian female names. You can see these names among all the registered new-born girls according to the statistics. Modern Russian female names origin for the most part from Slavic, Greek, Jewish, Latin and… Read More »