Swiss Banks in Russia

Swiss Banks operating in Russia

Today the list of banks in Switzerland has more than 500 institutions. These are large national, and regional / cantonal, and subsidiaries of international banks. The main state bank is the Swiss National Bank, a joint stock company with a special status. The shareholders are the cantons and the Swiss Confederation.

The Swiss bank only manages the money in the interests of a client in accordance with his instructions and receives a reward from him (management fee). Account management means that the client was able to make money with his money (minus the management fee).

Swiss banks very rarely give loans to third parties; their main income is from operations with various currencies and securities.

The largest universal banks, the so-called big banks (Union Bank of Switzerland, Credit Suisse, Swiss Bank Corporation and several others). These are the giant banks that are among the world’s twenty largest banks. They open accounts of all types, including current settlement. At the same time, certain conditions are imposed on clients, for example, the annual turnover on the account must be at least $ 3 million, or the minimum balance must be $ 250 thousand.

Swiss bank Credit Suisse in Moscow is presented as Bank Credit Suisse JSC

You can open both personal and corporate accounts. The size of the smallest deposit is 500 thousand US dollars.

UBS in Moscow

A branch of UBS was opened in Moscow, for clients wishing to participate in investments, as well as receive brokerage services. For a more detailed acquaintance, you have at your disposal a Russian-language version of these banking sites.

Lombard Odier

Lombard Odier, one of the largest banks in Switzerland, also opened its representative office in Moscow.

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