Shortest Distance from USA to Russia (Alaska and Russia)

What is the shortest water distance from USA to Russia?

The distance between mainland Alaska and mainland Russia is 55 miles or 88 km at its narrowest point.

It seems that Russia and the United States are at a great distance from each other, in part, this is the case, if you measure the distance between the capitals of states. In this case, the distance from Moscow to Washington in a straight line will be as much as 7,800 km. But the distance between two neighboring islands, one of which belongs to Russia and the other to the United States, is only 3 kilometers 760 meters or approximately 2,4 miles.

We are talking about the Russian Big Diomede Island (Ratmanov Island) and Little Diomede Island (Kruzenshtern island), which already belongs to the United States. They are located in the Bering Strait.

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