Story About How to See Fireworks from Hermitage’s Roof, Petersburg, Russia


This is a story about Russian roofers, who climbed to the roof of the most popular city museum Hermitage to see fireworks during The Scarlet Sails celebration 2013 (White Nights Festival event) in St. Petersburg, Russia. How did they manage to do it?

The roofer Ignat said: “It was amazing day for me and friends of mine”. They spent the whole day on the dusty attic of the Hermitage, waiting for the night event, had just sandwiches to eat.

The roof of the museum was under construction – there were many scaffoldings around the building. The best way to climb was from Palace Square side. They knew the police put a cordon round the square, so they decided to climb at 4:30 AM. There were few people on the square and patrolmen, who were moving like scripted persons in computer game :), walking around the The Alexander Column. They calculated the best moment, when patrolmen can’t see them, and climbed to the roof.

Nobody was on the attic floor, cameras and sensors were off. Through the labirint of short ladders and footbridges they went to the cupola – the highest point of the building.



View of the River Neva and The Peter and Paul Fortress


The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood


Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns


Concert on the Palace Square

st petersburg russia roofers rooftop

Alye Parusa (Scarlett Sails) date: June 25-26

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