Sailing in Croatia: The Heaven for Holiday Makers

A sailing holiday in Croatia is arguably something that everyone should experience at least once. However, no one visits Croatia once only – and it’s not by chance – the hidden bays, wonderful beaches and all those small islets only reachable by boat: appear to be a true sailing paradise for sailors aged 7 to 77.

There are tons of reasons why everyone should try out boat sailing at the Adriatic, and the most important are obvious – once you arrive there. The breathtaking scenery, the olive trees spread almost everywhere around the coast and the islands of the Adriatic are just a few.

The advice you will probably get from experienced sailors while planning your trip is unanimously: Rent a boat in Croatia and enjoy the freedom of exploring the hidden beauties of Dalmatia.

If you are having trouble starting your pre-holiday planning, here is an important tip:

Croatia – Chartering Experience

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Already did this step? Then it’s time to explore the Adriatic and prepare for the unforgettable experience.

Crowdy or relaxing? Croatian coast has it all

If you are a first – timer in Croatia, you will probably be wondering what are the things and places you shouldn’t miss. As most of the tourists visit the well-known islands of Hvar, Krk, Brac and Korcula, we suggest a bit more adventurous trip, well, at least for a start.

Starting from Dubrovnik or a little norther – the area of Makarska and the port of Ploce – just a few miles below Makarska, you can easily reach the peninsula of Peljesac, a spot that goes off the beaten track and can be truly admiring, especially for wind surfers, fishermen, but also for those who want a more relaxing start of their sailing trip around the Adriatic.

The old and not so famous, but still wonderful town of Trpanj is as relaxed as it can be. The multiple bays (a healing mud bay among them, as well), the pebbly beaches, plenty of olive trees spread around most of the beaches will take your breath away.

Just below this old town known for the world-famous wines and ancient buildings, you will find Orebic, the most famous spot on this peninsula – famous for its churches and monasteries that is worth a see.

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Once you got there, a 30-minute boat trip will take you to the wonderful island of Korcula, the home of the famous Marko Polo and a holiday spot for the true hedonists.

If you ask some experienced or the locals – the must see in Korcula is the touristy Vela Luka – set on the western part of the island, Lumbarda at the opposite of the island and of course – the old town of Korcula – the pearl of the island that is a naturally – comes to be a little more crowdy during the whole season. When in Korcula, don’t miss the numerous cafes and restaurants where you can just sit down, enjoy some local wine or a summer cocktail, while you gather up your impressions and decide about your next sailing route.

Just remember: no matter what you choose, Croatia will most definitely leave an imprint on your heart and will easily become a lovely unforgettable memory.

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