Top Russian Radar Companies

Research and Production Enterprise Radar MMS is one of few world leaders in the field of developing and manufacturing electronic systems and complexes for special and civil purposes, precision instrument, and special software. The company was founded in 1950, and has more than 60 years of successful experience in the defense industry, constantly improving the quality and competitiveness of its products, which are in great demand not only in Russia, but, also abroad. Today Radar MMS develops and manufactures:

search and aiming systems for aircraft;
short range radar systems;
UWB radar systems;
unmanned aircraft systems for various purposes;
complexes for processing geospatial data and preparation of flight missions;
systems for monitoring the Earth’s surface and environment;
meteorological systems;
magnetometric systems;
microelectronics, microsystems products using nanotechnology;
automotive electronics;

missile guidance systems of high-precision weapons;
intelligent life-support systems;
Medical devices and equipment.

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (CRET) is the Russia’s largest holding company in the electronic industry. It was founded in 2009, and is a part of the state-owned corporation Rostec.

Main activities are: developing and manufacturing systems and complexes of avionics for civil and military aircraft, radars for aircraft, state recognition devices, electronic warfare systems, and measuring equipment. In addition, this enterprise produces household appliances and medical equipment, equipment and control systems for fuel and energy complexes – and even transport and mechanical engineering. This group consists of more than 76 scientific research institutes, as well as design bureaus and production plants located on the territory of 29 subjects of the Russian Federation. Also, number of employees is about 54,000.

SIMICON Research and Production Enterprise has a multitude of years of experience in the development and manufacturing of speed control systems for the Traffic Police, such as: hand speed-meters, photo-video fixation systems of violations of traffic rules, and automatic photo-radar complexes. Established in 1996, SIMICON focuses on the development and manufacturing of speed measuring radar devices and speed control systems. Over the years, the company has gone way from manufacturing simple detectors and moved on to development automatic complex systems and other technologically relevant software development.

Almaz–Antey comprises Russian companies which develop and produce air and missile defense weapons. Companies gathered in this group develop and produce modernized anti-aircraft missile systems, and radar equipment and its components. Primarily, it’s activities concern air defense.

Chelyabinsk Radio Plant “Polet” is one of the leading Russian companies in the development and mass production of ground radar and navigation equipment for air traffic management in civil aviation and the Russian Air Force. Polet (Flight) is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian radio industry.

Navigation systems: Instrumental Landing System (ILS) SP-90, Short Range Navigation System (VOR) RMA-2010/(DME) RMD-2010, The instrumental landing system SP-2010, Short-Range Navigation System RSBN-4NM, Distance measuring landing radio beacon (DME) RMD-P-2010

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