Russian Money: Banknotes, Coins Photos 2021. Russian Currency Ruble

Russian rubles 1, 2, 5, 10 coins
The Russian rouble is an official currency in Russia. The coins which circulate are 1-rouble, 2- rouble, 5-rouble, and 10-rouble coins. There is the State Emblem of Russia on the front of all the coins. The name of this currency originated from the word “chop”. The original word is a “stub” which is a piece of an ancient currency called “grivna”.You can see architectural monuments of different Russian cities on modern Russian notes.

You can see an image of a beautiful maiden, the Neva, which is a symbol of the Russian cultural capital, on the 50 rouble note. The majestic Peter and Paul Fortress is in the background of the picture. The note is printed in the light blue colour.

The Spit of Vasilievskiy Island, the Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and the Rostral Column are on the back of the note.

You can see the Bolshoi Theatre on the 100 rouble note. The Quadriga of Apollo is in the front. Theatre Square is on the back of the note.

The city which was chosen for the 500 rouble note is Arkhangelsk. A monument to Peter the Great is on the front side. The note is bluish pink. You can see the Solovetsky Monastery on the back.

Russian money 1000 Rubles note

An image of Yaroslavl is on the 1000 rouble note. You can see the citadel of the city and a monument to Yaroslav the Wise on the front and Saint John the Baptist(‘s) Church on the back.
5000 Ruble money. Photos of Russian rubles
You can see Khabarovsk on the red-orange 5000 rouble note. A monument to Muravyov-Amursky who was one of the initiators of the annexation of the Trans-Amur Territory to Russia is on the front side. There is also the Amur in the background. The back of the note is decorated with a bridge over the Amur.

You can change dollars for roubles in bank’s offices and online banks, at ATM’s, exchange offices, and on the stock exchange through a broker.

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