Russian for No with examples

The Russian word for “no” is “нет” (“net”). You can use this word to say about lack of smth. “Is there any tea left?” “No, there isn’t”. “Чай остался?” (“Chai ostalsya?”) “Нет”. (“Net”.) If you give a negative answer, you can use “нет”. “Are you from Russia?” (“Ты из России?” “Ty iz Rossii?”) “No, I’m not.” (“Нет”. “Net.”) If you forbid someone to do something, say “net”. So you refuse point-blank. “Can I go to the cinema?” (“Mozhno ya poidu v kino?” “Можно я пойду в кино?”) “No.” (“Net.” “Нет”.)

“Нет” can be used as a predicate. If you oppose smth to smth, “net” means an action, state which is the contrary to the first part of the statement. “Everyone is tired, but not me.” (“Vse ustali, a ya net”. “Все устали, а я нет”.) “Are you going or not?” (“Idyosh ili net?” “Идешь или нет?”)

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