Russian For Cheers

“Cheers!” means “За ваше здоровье!” (“Za vashe zdarov’e!”). When you propose a toast to smb.’s health, you say this phrase. “Cheers!” is also “Спасибо!” (“Spasiba!”), “Ура!” (“Ura!”) and “Пока!” (“Paka!”) in Russian. “Спасибо!” (“Thank you!”) and “Пока!” (“Bye!”) are interjections from the field of etiquette. “Spasiba” expresses gratitude. “Paka!” is a greeting which you use while saying goodbye to your friend. “Cheers!” means “Ура!” (“Ura!”/ “Hooray!”), “Молодец!” (“Maladets!”/“Well done!”) and “Вот это здорово!” (“Vot eto zdorovo!”/ “Thumbs up!”).

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