Top 8 Famous Iconic Russian Buildings

Top 8 Russian Iconic buildings

Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral was consecrated in 1561. Moscow tsar Ivan Grozniy named a cathedral built near the Kremlin Pokrovskiy cathedral even before the beginning of the construction. People called this cathedral the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed after completion of the construction. They named it after a local “God’s fool”. There is no the principal front in this building. All the sides look like principal. This cathedral is one of the most important monuments of Old Russian architecture of the XVI century.

Central Universal Department Store Moscow
TsUM aka Central Universal Department Store dates back to 1857. Two foreigners started a trading company in a building on Theatre Square. It was the first department store in Russia – a store for people of the middle class. You could buy almost anything there: clothes, shoes, jewellry, perfumery, furniture, etc. The modern building, which appeared as far back as 1908, is a model of European Gothic with traits of the modernist style. Back then, when the object was ready, visitors were amazed by its fabricability and creativity. Now the building has seven floors.

Kizhi Island. Pogost photo
The Church of the Transfiguration or Kizhi Pogost which is on island Kizhi appeared there as far back as the Peter the Great epoch. It’s a unique wooden church. It amazes by its greatness. It was built without any nail. Its height is 17 meters. The church which we can see now was built in 1714. It’s a masterpiece of wooden architecture. The highlight of the church is 22 heads of different height. Each head is covered with a prominent aspen small plank called lemeh which a Russian analogue of tile.

Nizhny Novgorod kremlin Russia
The Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin was laid in 1044 by Yaroslav the Wise’s son called Vladimir. That citadel was wooden and the walls and the towers made from red bricks which we can see now were laid in Ivan III’s times. The Kremlin is on the Volhov’s high side. The ditch which surrounds the citadel, the strong banks, the walls and nine out of twelve towers including the highest one named Kukui on which there is a observation deck remained.

Uspenskiy Cathedral Yaroslavl photo
Uspenskiy Cathedral is the most ancient church in Yaroslavl which was laid at the beginning of the XIII century. The cathedral has been on fire and destroyed a few times. It was restored in 2000s. When you go into Uspenskiy Cathedral, you find scaled icon paintings, a thoroughly reconstructed interior and respected shrines such as saint Yaroslavlskiy princes Vasiliy and Konstantin’s relics and a painting of the Yaroslavskaya icon of the Virgin Mary.

The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius photo
The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is located in Sergiyev Posad in Moskovskaya oblast. It’s probably the most famous monastery in Russia. Sergey Radonezhsky is considered to be a founder of the monastery. The Trinity Cathedral which is built there is a great example of the medieval architecture. The grandiose Old Russian literary work The Life of of Saint Sergius of Radonezh was written there.
Kremlin in Kazan, Tatarstan Russian Federation
The Kazan Kremlin is the most ancient part of Kazan. It was a building which the construction of the city began from. It used to be a strong oaken fortress with stone mosques and a khan’s palace which were surrounded by deep ditches and primeval forests. The uniqueness of the Kazan Kremlin is that it’s the only representer of the Tatar state culture in the world. It’s a large complex which consists of archaeological, architectural and historical monuments of XII-XX centures.

The Grand Kremlin Palace is a building of unusual beauty. You will be blown away by its appearance and rooms’decoration which is done with impeccable taste and includes fragments of the Russian-Byzantine style and elements of Renascence. Georgievsky hall is dedicated to the heroes of Russian military glory. The aim of the construction of the palace was to create a temporary residence for the members of the tsar’s family when they came to Moscow.

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