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Russian comedy actors


Yuri Nikulin is a name that will forever be synonymous with the cinema of the Soviet Union. Armed with raw acting talent and a natural ability to make people laugh, Nikulin became famous to audiences through a variety of memorable comedic roles. Over time, Nikulin became a true living legend of Soviet cinema.

After training at the spoken words studio at the Moscow Circus in 1949, he began to perform at the circus as a clown. Nikulin eventually became quite popular due to his routine that combined comedy reprises with acrobatics. The iconic role of Balbes, which was extremely popular among Russian audiences, was a classic physical comedy performance (the short films Pes Barbos i neobychnyy kross and Samogonshiki, and the comedies Operatsiya “Y” i drugie priklyucheniya Shurika and Kavkazskaya plennitsa, ili Novie priklyucheniya Shurika directed by Leonid Gaidai).


Comedy actor Aleksandr Oleshko has time to show his talent in cinematography, on TV, and on the theatre scene as well. An alumnus of the State School of Circus and Variety Art of M. N. Rumyantsev (Pencil) and the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, Oleshko worked one season in the Moscow Satire Theatre, then moved to the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre and got a role as Epihodov in the famous Chehov’s play Vishnevy sad. Since 2007 Aleksandr has acted in the comedy series Papiny dochki. He plays the role funny, enthusiastically, and with sympathy to his character.

The project Bol’shaya raznitsa within which Oleshko parodied tens of well-known persons from Gleb Pyanyh to “Charlie” Chaplin finally confirmed his status of a TV-star and an excellent comedy actor.


A track suit, trainers, and the hippest urban slang defined the classic Russian “hustler” for viewers of the TV channel TNT. Young actor Nikolai Naumov quickly won the hearts of fans by embodying the stereotypical hustler on the Russian comedy program KVN (Klub Vesyolykh i Nakholdchivykh).

KVN served as a launch pad to the big screen for Naumov and numerous other young comedy actors. Nikolai admitted that the personality of the character Kolyan on Realnye Patsany was not far from his own persona. However, the role of Kolyan was clearly the typical caricature that exists in comedy.

Naumov is also the author of Ya ne poet, a famous poem that was translated into 44 languages.


Russian showman, humourist, comedy actor, script writer, producer, former participant of KVN (a Russian humour TV show) and outside the show Comedy Club resident Michail Galustian was born in Sochi in 1979. Michail confessed that he is pretty serious in real life.

In 1998, a team from Soshi State University of Tourism and Recreation, where he studied, took part in Voronezh League Start KVN. In 2002, Galustian became a leader of the team Utomlyonnye solntsem.


He and Sergey Svetlakov created the project Nasha Russia released on screen in 2006. Within the framework of this program Michail created images with all countries kept in mind: a builder from Central Asia, concierge from St. Petersburg, сoach of the Omsk football team Gazmyas, shop manager of a Chelyabinsk tube-rolling mill, tramp from Ryblevka, and others.

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