Russian Blue Cat: Size, Weight, Eyes Colors, Personality, Allergies, Lifespan

The Russian Blue cat became popular in the XIXth century during the existence of the Russian Empire. He has nice hair and green eyes. It’s an exquisite breed for aristocratic families. It took part in an exhibition in England in 1890. This special breed of cats with a standard appearance was grown by 2000.

The main feature of this cat is unique hair. It’s soft, thick, silky, plush and short. This breed has an elongated flat skull. Its face is short and of wedge form. Its ears are big and pointed. The cat has exquisite limbs and an elongated pointed tail. Its hair is light-blue with a silver hue. The length of its hair is the same as the length of its undercoat. The hair is pretty big. Its eyes are delicate light-green or bottled-green. This breed lives up to 15 years.

The Russian Blue cat has a heavy skeleton. An adult female cat weighs about 3 kilograms. An adult male cat weighs about 3-3.5 kilograms. These have a relatively small body which length can be about 60 centimeters. The Russian Blue cat is 25 centimeters high. Everything depends on individual differences so these figures vary.

When it comes to the temperament of this cat, it tends to be careful. It becomes attached to one owner. The cat gives a stranger a cold reception until it acknowledges him as “his”. They are curious but watch what’s happening in a flat or house from a shelter. It investigates the situation for some time.

The Russian Blue cat treats an owner in a special way. It appreciates him a lot and becomes attached to him.

This playful and graceful cat has a great jumping ability. It can overtake any object. It does tricks while jumping.

The Russian Blue cat is well-behaved with other members of the family. Especially with children. It’s very kind and independent.

It’s easy to look after this cat. Its hair is hypoallergic. You only can comb out it during changing of coat. You can give it a bath before an exhibition.

Russian blue cat with long hair – A Nebelung is a long-haired breed of cats which looks a bit like the Russian Blue cat but it’s bigger only due to its long and thick hair.

This breed has appeared recently. It was grown by Americans in the 80s. And it was officially recognized in the whole world by most associations of felinologists. The ancestor of this breed is a long-haired blue female cat which was widespread in Europe at the beginning of the previous century.

Nebelungs are calm and gentle. They love their owners a lot. They have a quiet voice.

The color of its hair depends on its quality. The play of silver tones on its blue-gray long hair looks impressively. The hair on its breast and tail is longer than on other parts of its body. The undercoat is extremely thick.

The eyes of the cat are a bit slanting but big and beautiful. The color of its eyes is either amber-yellow or green. They can weigh from 2,5 to 5 kilograms. Its body size is average. They live up to 15 years.

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