Richest Russian Actors

Nikita Mikhalkov is the highest paid actor of Russia. He is an owner of many prizes and awards. But Mikhalkov is not only commonly involved in Russian cinematography, he is a successful businessman. In particular, Mikhalkov owns 10% of the diamond processing plant ChelProm-Diamond LLC (trademark “UralDiamond”) stocks.

Besides, Russian Non-commercial Organization «Russian Union of Right-holders» controlled by him gets «tribute» at the rate of 1% of the cost of audio and virgin medium. His gross income reaches around $ 2.5 million.

Ivan Okhlobystin is very likely the most shocking man in the rating of the highly paid actors of Russia. The former priest is fond of karate and knife fighting. He also unsuccessfully but nonetheless took a shot at politics. Russian audience has taken a fancy to Okhlobystin, as evidenced by his numerous awards and prizes, including the «Zhorzh-2013» award (an analog of People’s Choice Awards) in the category of «The best Russian actor». Aside from a fee for being in films and series, he earns by acting in the «Evroset» advertising.

Aslo Okhlobystin is a creative director of the company. His income reaches $2 million.
Fedor Bondarchuk’s most prominent work is the film 9 rota (9th Company in the international film world). The film received 7 different awards and prizes. The chain of film studios, «Art Pictures Studio company», and Moscow restaurants Vanil», «Paparazzi» and Sushi Bar «Origami» helped him to become the highest paid actor and director in Russia. In 2013, he became a television producer for the first time. Fedor Bondarchuk’s income reached $ 1.9 million.

«A talented person is talented in everything». This phrase is in the best way possible to describe one of the highest paid actors in Russia, Juri (Gosha) Kuzenko. Yet, in 2011 he claimed that it is fees for roles in the theatre that he is paid most for, as well as getting pretty substantial fees for acting in films, and also for shooting in the «Evroset» and « Eldorado» commercials. His gross income is $1.5 million.

Perhaps, there is no role in the world that couldn’t be played by Sergei Bezrukov. Women’s favorite, he has played men of outstanding personality such as Alexander Pushkin, Sergei Yesenin, and Vladimir Vysotsky for many years. Bezrukov is the owner of 80% of «Sergey Bezrukov’s Theater» LLC stocks. Also an analyst of «Forbs» found that he is a leader of quantities of retrieval requests on the ‎Russian-speaking network. The total income of one of the highest paid people’s artist reaches $1.2 million.

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