Top 5 Popular Russian Heavy Metal Bands 2021


Aria is a Russian heavy metal band. They play their music in the style of «new wave British heavy metal» bands.

Aria is one of the oldest and the most successful metal Russian bands. They won the 2007 Fuzz prize as the best live band. The bands’s first concert was on February 5, 1986. When the participants recorded the second album S kem ty, there was some dispute among the band members about the necessity to produce harder heavy metal, but the leaders of the band were loyal to their old style. The change of band members was to Aria’s advantage. After a while, the group recorded one of their best albums Geroy asfalta.


After the split of the legendary group Aria into two halves in September 2002, the great bulk of band members namely Valery Kipelov, guitar player Sergey Terentiev and Alexander Manyakin, made the decision to create their own group named Kipelov. The name Kipelov is associated with the band in which Valery worked from the day of its creation and corresponding with the definite style the band members weren’t going to change. On May 24 2003, within the framework of the cultural program dedicated to 300 years of Saint Petersburg, the group Kipelov held a recital.


The Moscow band Legion can be undoubtedly named one of the oldest and most professional bands on the Russian heavy metal scene. Legion was created by school friends in 1979. At first they played melodious hard rock but then the group became cult-like and at short notice achieved star status among the Moscow «heavy» scene. In 1992, the musicians recorded the album Knights Of Cross with English-speaking material. Their album Dai Mne Imya on which serious and at times tragic lyrics in Russian combine with traditional heavy rock flavoured with elements of art-rock and progressive rock.


The legendary rock band Master was created in 1987. Some participants of Aria left the group in order to create their own brand of music in the trash metal style. The musical piece Master outsold the record for sales at the time – more one million copies. In 1988, they got an opportunity to tour in Poland and Belgium.

Their third and fourth albums (Talk of the Devil and Maniac Party) were recorded in English. Today Master continues its creativity. The leader of the group, Alik Granovsky, is considered to be one of the best bass guitar players of Russian rock music.


The history of the band Arteria begins from the end of 2003, when Sergey Terentev announced his departure from the group Kipelov. A year earlier he left the most popular Russian group Aria, to which he gave 8 years of his life.

After leaving, Terentev needed a decent vocalist for the creation of a new group. Vocalist of the group Legion Aleksey Bulgakov became the vocalist for Arteria. The reedition of the first Terentev’s solo album Up To Thirty (1994) became the result of their first joint work.

The debut album of Arteria with the vocal of Aleksey Bulgakov, Leti na svet, was released on October 3, 2005.


Kruiz is a legendary band of the early 80s. During the band’s existence, it changed its style from hard rock combined with other genres of rock music (including a new wave, art rock, and blues rock) to heavy metal. Then they returned to their initial style of melodic hard rock. In 1983, the program Puteshestvie na vozdushnom share was prepared. It was a serious show with a real air balloon, lasers, a real web from ropes that stretched above the scene on which circus artists climbed.

The Kruiz’s success was widespread, but the government cancelled their concerts. The band reformed without Gaina in the summer of 1992.

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