Bald Russian Actors

Gosha Kutsenko bald Russian actor

Yuriy (Gosha) Kutsenko confessed that he is «bald, flamboyant and a “son-of-a-bitch”». He thinks that he owes his success to his haircut in many ways. But despite that he often has to turn into different characters and wear wigs on film sets. «Shaving off seemed so cool and stylish to me», Gosha recalled. Now his ideally shaved head is an envy of many men and a dream of many women.

Kutsenko burred a lot and while enrolling at the School-Studio at the Moscow Art Theatre he introduced himself as Gosha. Afterwards, he cured his diction abnormality, but kept his artistic pseudonym. The film «Antikiller» (2002) brought him great fame.

Dmitriy Nagiev Russian

Dmitriy Nagiev linked up with the «balds» the other day that redounded to advantage to his image of a «bad boy». The new haircut favorably emphasized his manliness and added an enchantment to him. Dmitriy considered that cutting hair close to the skin is a vicious taste a great while, but he changed his opinion after some time.

Nagiev was born in Leningrad. In 1991, Dmitriy graduated from Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, where he studied in the workshop of V. Petrov. He is a man of extremely marked individuality of Russian show business. He became famous primarily as an actor of series, later as a TV-host and showman.


Fedor Bondarchuk made a shaved head an essential part of his image many years ago. He doesn’t tell people why, but it’s hardly necessary to know because his bald head suits him best. He changed Russians’ opinions about bald heads, getting rid of people’s complexes.

The son of the most famous soviet film director, Bondarchuk acted in his father’s films for many years. After finishing school in 1985 he enrolled at the department of directing at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (aka VGIK). His works as a director include «9 rota» («The 9th Company»), « (Obitaemy Ostrov» («Prisoners of Power») and «Obitaemy ostrov: Shvatka» («Prisoners of Power-2»).

Victor Suhorukov Russian Brat

Victor Suhorukov’s path to fame was difficult and thorny. Until the end of the 80s he was not by and large an actor in demand. He played cameo roles of gangsters, defendants, and porters.

The role of a sentimental killer in the film «Brat» directed by Balabanov brought him true fame.

It would seem the bald Suhorukov’s harsh appearance must have made him a hostage to one image. But far from it! The film «Ostrov» directed by Pavel Lungin was released 9 years later where Suhorukov played a conventional part – father Filaret.


Maksim Averin was born in Moscow. He was 6 when he already made his debut on screen. His father, working as a scene-painter at Mosfilm, took him to the camera expedition in Mahachkala.

Since he was 9, Maksim theatricalized in the Revue theatre. In 1997 he graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. The audience loved him as a ‎charismatic smiling bald policeman from the series «Gluhar». He also directed some parts of this series.

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