Photo and Video, Vlogging Gear For Anyone Travelling The World

A professional travel blogger or simply an enthusiast of the wild will need something to capture special moments. Videos and photos will always speak louder than words. This is why one needs to choose his travel gear wisely. Here is a look at top travel gears every photographer and videographer needs to pack for a trip.

GoPro Gimbals

If you are looking for the best GoPro gimbals to suit your adventure then you should consider EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal that has a 3.5mm AV output. This is just something else on the market. It happens to be one of the best handheld gimbals out there. The frame is made from aluminum which gives it a robust look its known for.
It also has a lot of customized add-ons for a better experience. They include the thumb 2-axis joystick on its handle. You will also find a port connector on the device quiet efficient as it allows GP-PRO to connect external monitors.

RAM Mounts

If you decide to go professional then GoPro has the solution. In fact, it has its own selection of mounting accessories you need for your journey. The RAM mounting system is one such accessory that’s needed.
This mount uses a 1” rubber ball system to ensure a quick, easy and secure adjustments on the fly. The best part is that You can always interchange the pieces to mount your GoPro in any angle You see fit.

Red Underwater Filter

Are you planning on Scuba diving or snorkeling while on The trip? You should try out The underwater filter. There are two different types of These filters: snorkeling filter and Scuba filters. The first one of course is for snorkeling. The second one can be used with The Super Suit Scuba Dive Housing. It is normally waterproof to 196 feet.

But why is a red filter such a great deal? The color red gets absorbed underwater. So these filters will help bring back some of The orange, red and yellow hues to make your videos less “blue” and give It a more natural look.

Safety Leash

Cameras are quite expensive with most ranging from $300-$400. So this is something you will never want to lose. This is why you need to attach a safety leash. The best one is a standard point & shoot camera wrist leash that has the ability to cinch shut.

Action Video Light for GoPro

A good example is the Knog Qudos Action Light which has a rugged light with three XB-D CREE LEDs that will offer brightness levels between 70 and 400 lumens. The color temperature is something else to look out for. The above mentioned offers a 5000k color temperature.

The light mode on action video light provides beam settings that will allows to select perfect spread and intensity of light for your needs.

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