Top 10 Honeymoon Resorts of India

The honeymoon is a dream tour for newly married couples who eagerly look forward to it and plan many days before their wedding. A suitable honeymoon destination is one which is a blend of mesmerizing nature and ensures guarded privacy for the newly married pair. Honeymoon resorts make the beautiful experience a memory to last… Read More »

Top 10 Russian Female Singers: Pop, Folk, Rock

Most popular Russian female singers, most of them are pop singers Famosa cantantes femeninas Rusas. Russische popsängerin, chanteuse russe populaire Zemfira – Земфира Zemfira burst into our lives like a hurricane, wiping off everything in its path. Deafening, mad, harsh vocals and caustic words, the image of a liberated girl, everyone was immediately attracted to… Read More »

Top 5 Most Popular Typical Russian/Soviet Souvenirs and Gifts

The proverb «Give a piece of iron to a Tula resident and he will make a new samovar from it for you» isn’t known by everyone. A unique piece of work, first brought into the world in 1778 due to the creativity of Russian master Nazar Lisitsin, samovars are known all around the world. Read… Read More »

Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia Tourist Attractions, Weather, Temperature

Yakutsk is located on the left bank of the Lena. It’s the largest city in the zone of perpetual conge-lation. It was founded by a yenisey Cossack. Then this burg became a center of the Yakutskoye office of voevode. Field men, service class men and peasants-settlers came over the Urals and moved to the east… Read More »

Most Delicious Russian Food. Traditional Russian Cuisine Dishes

There have been many dishes from Russia made popular over the years in other cultures and they all have a unique Russian feel. There have been many dishes from Russia made popular over the years in other cultures and they all have a unique Russian feel. If you travel to Russia you will see how… Read More »

Top 10 Real Estate Companies/Agencies in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg 2019

If you are going to buy, sell or rent commercial/residential real estate in Russia, you are welcome to use the legal and consulting services of some of the largest real estate companies available. We found information about a range of companies which have been operating and providing their clients with comprehensive services on the real… Read More »

Top 10 Most Popular Russian Dating Sites and Apps (Free and Paid) 2019

Russia is the largest country in the world with a population of over 142.9 million people. It is interesting to note that despite the high population, there are ten million more women than men. This has therefore led to establishment of various Russian dating websites and apps to help those looking for love to find… Read More »

Top 8 Famous, Iconic Russian Buildings Info & Photos

Top 8 Russian Iconic buildings Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The cathedral was consecrated in 1561. Moscow tsar Ivan Grozniy named a cathedral built near the Kremlin Pokrovskiy cathedral even before the beginning of the construction. People called this cathedral the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed after completion of the construction. They named it after a local… Read More »

Best Tourist Attractions in Murmansk, Russia

The biggest country in the world offers everything from mesmerizing scenic views to artistic beauties and of course multiple other leisure facilities. Russia offers different historical places along with creative museums and art galleries. Army forts and memorials are frequently touring places for the visitors. Christian’s religious places are also equally famous for pilgrimage. There… Read More »