Good Day in Russian

English “Good day!” is an analog of Russian “Доброго времени суток!” (“Dobrava vremeni sutak!”). It’s used when you are corresponding with a person from a different time zone. So you don’t know what exactly time (part) of day will be when he is going to read your e-mail. But “Good day!” also has another meaning.… Read More »

Things to Know Before You Go Aguada Fort in Goa

Goa is the top visitor goal in India. A huge number of vacationers from India and everywhere throughout the world visit Goa consistently. It is reliably positioned as the best nightlife city in India and probably the best city in Asia with shorelines open to visitors. Goa has a differing populace and its Portuguese pilgrim… Read More »

Have a Good Day in Russian

“Have a good day!” is “Хорошего дня!” (“Harosheva dnya!”). You can wish somebody to have a good day in the morning or in the afternoon. You should use this phrase at the end of a conversation. If the situation is official, you can add “Вам” (“Vam”) and say, “Хорошего Вам дня!” (“Harosheva Vam dnya!”). It… Read More »

Best Affordable Hostels in the Centre of Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Hostels in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, Russia for best cheap price. Good location of dormitory hostels in the center of the city at a low/medium price per day. Hostel “Mir” (Мир) is at 7 Bolshaya Morskaya. The neighbourhood boasts the main attractions which are the Winter Palace, the Alexander Garden, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the Alexander… Read More »

Top 5 Russian Domestic and International Airline Companies List 2019

Today Russia can boast with top airlines that provide international and domestic transport services. These airlines were formed after some acquisitions and mergers in the 1990s and 2000s. This article focuses on the top airlines based on the amount of cargo and number of passengers transported. Thanks to our research, we found out that the… Read More »

Most Beautiful Beaches in Australia

Australia has a vast coastline spanning over 27,000 Kilometers, with beaches situated close to the coastal cities. Cities on the eastern seaboard like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney have the largest concentration of beaches in the country. Tasmania and Adelaide equally have lovely beaches. The ballooning number of beaches in Australia has contributed to Australians liking… Read More »

Best Free English to Russian Online Translation Websites/Apps 2019

How to translate your text from English to Russian or Russian to English? What is the best, most accurate text/ voice English to Russian online translator? Modern online translators have significantly expanded their capabilities. Their creators are constantly improving the product. Each translating website uses its own algorithms, but the goal is the same –… Read More »

Top 10 Popular Must See Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg, Russia 2019

Is St. Petersburg Russia worth visiting? St. Petersburg is a beautiful port city on the Baltic Sea that has a rich history and cultural offerings. As the second largest city, geographically, in Russia it boasts a population of over 5,000,000 residents. Being that it is a port city its economy is centered around trading but… Read More »

Russian Wooden Doll Name – Matreshka: History, Meaning, Photo

A Matreshka is a small wooden painted doll in which there are some smaller copies of it. The first matreshka who was a round-faced average peasant girl wearing a three-cornered colored painted kerchief and a Russian national smart sarafan appeared not at all in ancient times. The first prototype of a matreshka was brought from… Read More »

Best Most Popular Soviet Union Cars Brands & Models: Lada, GAZ, ZAZ, Moskvich, Volga

Most Popular Soviet Cars List ZAZ Zaporozhets – rear-wheel-drive supermini car ZAZ968 – Year of manufacture: 1978 The first Zaporozhets came off the assembly line at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine in 1960. Its main prototype was Italian Fiat 600. It was commonplace to talk about a small Soviet car with disdain and joke,… Read More »

10 of the Hardest Russian Words to Translate

Sometimes it can feel like translating between two languages is particularly difficult. Between keeping cultural references in context, making sure the feel of the translation remains the same as the original and finding just the right diction in the new tongue, it can be something of a juggling act. Then, certain languages throw a monkey… Read More »