OKPO number Russia

In order to systematize and unify information about legal entities registered in our country, decision was made to assign each of them their own unique code and enter the assigned codes into the All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations in the 90s of the last century. The abbreviation for this classifier is OKPO.

The maintenance of this resource was entrusted to Rosstat (Federal State Statistics Service).

Now the OKPO code is one of the details of any company. It is assigned during the formation of a legal entity and is retained for the entire period of its existence.


The main goal of creating OKPO is the identification and systematization of accounting for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs (individual entrepreneurs) and companies operating without a legal entity.

What is it for:

– to simplify the interagency exchange of information;
– for accounting legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
– for maintaining and collecting statistical information.
– This applies to the accounting and identification of organizations on a national scale. For an individual or a company, knowledge of the OKPO code of his counterparty will allow him to check his trustworthiness, business activities, and other important information.

OKPO of organizations and individual entrepreneurs are freely available, therefore, if necessary, you can find out the code of your or a third-party company or individual entrepreneur.

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