OGRN number Russia

OGRN is a state registration number that is assigned to each organization or individual entrepreneur during registration and is registered with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

This code must be indicated in the payment details of the company, in the information about the company on the official website of the Federal Tax Service, as well as on the portal of public services. Also, the identifier is required to be indicated in any form in which you want to enter information about the company. There is a line intended for this. This identifier is used when changing the name of the organization, it can be used to verify the company or to obtain certain information about its activities.


OGRN number example: 1197701068154

Symbols in the code have the following meanings:

P – sign of assignment of the state registration number of the record. It can take the values: 1 and 5 (sign OGRN), 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 – sign of another record number.
DD – the year the information on the legal entity is entered in the register of legal entities, is indicated by the last two digits (for example, for 2019 – 19).
FF – code of the subject of the Russian Federation in accordance with the list of subjects established by the Constitution (for Moscow – 77).

RR – code of the body of the Federal Tax Service, which carries out registration.
XXXXXX – the number in the order of entry in the registry, its value begins with “00001” every year.
C is the checksum that allows you to check the correctness of the assignment of the identifier.

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