NAEN code Russia

NAEN Russia code is Russian Code for the Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Reserves

Russian State Commission for Mineral Reserves (FBU GKZ) is a federal budget institution run by the Federal Subsoil Use Agency of the Russian Federation.

Comparison of the Mineral Resources / Ore Reserves estimates according to the CRIRSCO family codes and reserves / resources estimates using the GKZ system remains one of the debate issues in Russia and Kazakhstan. When drafting the NAEN Code, which is part of the CRIRSCO family (NAEN Code, 2011), they tried to resolve this issue, but real practice shows that the situation is somewhat more complicated.

The CRIRSCO family brings together national Resource / Reserve reporting organizations: Australasia (JORC), Canada (CIM), Chile (National Committee), Europe (PERC), Russia (NAEN), South Africa (SAMCODES), USA (SME), Mongolia (MPIGM) and Kazakhstan (KAZRC).

It should be noted that each of these standards regulates the procedure for submitting and reporting on the results of exploration, assessment of mineral resources and ore reserves, and not the methods used for this assessment. Therefore, for example, the term “in accordance with the JORC Code” refers to the method of preparation of the report, and not to the assessment method.

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