Mystical Pyramid in Russia Domodedovo Ziggurat

You don’t have to travel to Mexico or Egypt to see pyramids. There is a structure very similar to the Sumerian ziggurat or the Mesoamerican pyramid in Domodedovo Russia. There are a lot of mysteries around it. It is not known who built it, the owner is hiding from prying eyes. Why he chose such an unusual location between the Vyatichi mound, the cemetery and the Rozhaika river, no one knows. The grandiose building is located on a plot of 2 hectares. it is surrounded by a high fence to get into the territory.

The building is still shrouded in rumors, although according to cadastral documents the land is intended for farming, and with a beekeeping bias. Local authorities confirmed that this building was intended for wintering and breeding of bees.

A huge pyramid is located in an old limestone quarry and has been exciting the imagination of local residents for several years now, because one can only guess about its actual purpose.

The new building was definitely not like any of the houses of classical architecture, even the most modern. It reminded rather of a Sumerian ziggurat – a cult building of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. A huge multistage pyramid with terraces and a flat truncated top personified the union of heaven and earth. The Sumerians preferred to worship the gods on the tops of the mountains, but when they were not nearby, they erected similar pyramids.

Domodedovo Ziggurat pyramid

In the extract from the register, at this place is a site for organizing a peasant (farm) beekeeping business. Officially (according to the papers) an “incubator for breeding and wintering bees” is being built.

The place is very interesting in that this pyramid is surrounded by: from the north the burial mounds of the Vyatichi; south – cemetery; west – river; east – forest. There is a pyramid on the quarries (white stone). There are four entrances to the territory, a gate in the form of the sun.

During the construction, a pit was dug deep into the earth through the caves. Construction began in 2007. The locals are friendly and communicate with you exactly until you start talking about this building, they are very afraid of this place and, as one says, “why do you need this”.

The location is indicated on the maps as a quarry. The area under the cameras and the dog, there is a sign “quadrocopters prohibited” on the fence.

According to information from a local resident, this building has 4 aboveground and 4 underground floors. Inside is a vegetable warehouse and two small CAT tractors.

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